Apparently it's Still Too Early to Call O.J. Simpson a Hero

March 4, 2010

Three Los Angeles area school teachers have been suspended after honoring O.J. Simpson, RuPaul, and Dennis Rodman as three of the most significant pioneers in the African American community.

During a school-organized parade to celebrate Black History Month, three separate teachers gave students pictures of the aforementioned celebrities to proudly carry for everyone to see.

Obviously the school board of a state that is currently holding a garage sale led by Conan the Barbarian/their Governor to help it get out of debt disapproved. Instead, the school board suggested that students honor “more appropriate” icons like Kobe Bryant.

Seriously? That’s the alternative?

The accused rapist who makes fun of his teammates in Newport Beach parking lots?

Is there some sort of legal complications that don’t allow them to use actual heroes like Martin Luther King Jr. or Nelson Mandela?

I used to resent my parents for sending me to a three room schoolhouse across the street from an abortion clinic and Tim Hortons drive-thru. Apparently it could have been worse.

Photo: Pool/Getty Images