January 18, 2010

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Since 1998 born (as a divine message) unashamedly: THE BOY IN PROFILE.

all started with a tiny spot of paint, a derivative of a strange form that made him wash effect when painting your bedroom command. it was not until 2000 that decicdio translate it into a sheet of paper and give the first form of what appeared was (in the form of a naked man in profile position).

the following year decided to patent the design and the characters derived from this.

still not sure to bring out the logo (having it shelved) until the end of their destiny 2003.como showed it to his neighbor and he looked great idea, two months after this I ask when starting to develop and launch and brand.

and in 2004 began the voyage of the brand giving the name of: naketo. from then until the present being recorded commercially, displayed on billboards, three lines of t-shirts, 2 underwear and accessories, release in parades and events, websites, sponsors local outlets of national and international and thousands of fans is the path that has given him "Ricardo Atherley" creative director to clearly mark Panamanian.

"Ricardo Atherley" became interested in the fashion world at the age of 12 years, being in sixth grade made his first bozquejos. at the age of 20 was when began to intrude in the middle starting their studies at a university in fashion design, making their first steps in leaving desdfiles and events in each of them its stamp of uniqueness and modernity