Deadliest Warrior Panel To Hit Comic-Con

July 15, 2011

Photo: Mark Davis/Stringer/Getty Images

Heading over to Comic-Con in San Diego next week? Well guess what, so is Deadliest Warrior!

The Deadliest Warrior Panel will take place on July 21 from 10 – 11am in room 25ABC at the San Diego Convention Center and will be moderated by acclaimed Los Angeles Times writer and founder Geoff Boucher. Featured panelists include
Steve Niles, Wes Craven, Max Brooks, Robert Daly, and the Deadliest Warrior team of Richard "Mack" Machowicz, Dr. Armand Dorian and Executive Producer Rasha Drachkovitch. Finally, with expert interviews, scientific tests, and careful analysis we get to see who would really win in a battle of the undead: Bloodsuckers or Brain-Eaters?

Comic-Con wouldn't be Comic-Con without some free gear, so that's why we're giving out vouchers for exclusive Vampires vs. Zombies t-shirts redeemable at the
SPIKE Booth (#3945). Also, take part in our Deadliest Warrior Scavenger Hunt - snag a picture of the panel and present it at the SPIKE booth for a chance to attend a special Warner Brothers event on Thursday for Final Destination 5!

Don't forget to catch all-new Season 3 episodes of Deadliest Warrior on Wednesdays at 10/9c.