USB Stress Ball Gives You Darth Vader Chokehold

January 20, 2009

Here’s another crazy USB device for you.  It’s a stress ball that translates whatever you do to the ball into a type of photo manipulation.  Squeeze the neck of the stress ball, watch the neck of Rosie O’Donnel get similarly squeezed. Or, if you have more Vader-esque tendencies, your subordinates with British accents will suffer. 

Stress balls are supposed to relieve ones tension by letting them squeeze, twist, and otherwise pummel them as much as they want.  You can’t hurt a stress ball.  I was never really able to suspend my disbelief, and as much as I like to squeeze, twist and pummel, it is just a stress ball. Thank goodness for the courageous march of progress! 


Image Sources: Getty Images, Gizmodo