Riddick: Rule the Dark and the 9 Best & 9 Worst Threequels of All Time

September 6, 2013
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Richard Pryor is a legend. He also doesn't belong anywhere near a Superman film, let alone as a computer hacker. That's right: Richard Pryor played a computer hacker. Then Superman fought a drunk version of himself, and later an evil computer. It was a mess, and it isn't even the kind of bad movie that's fun to watch. It's just…bad. People can knock "Superman Returns" all they want, but this was a definite low point for not just the Man of Steel, but for all of Western Civilization.

So will "Riddick: Rule the Dark" belong in the company of the front 9 or the back 9? We'll find out when it hits theaters this weekend.

Also this weekend? Football's back, baby! Tiki Barber joined us in the studio to tell us who he thinks will rise to the top this season and also give us his fantasy sleeper pick. Check it out: