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Hermes Franca vs. Frank Edgar

by spike.com   July 19, 2008 at 10:45PM  |  Views: 289

UFC Fight Night Live

Round One
The round opens with Franca throwing a kick that ends with a quick Edgar takedown. Edgar does a good job avoiding upkciks and landing some good punches and elbows on Franca. Franca snaps up, locking an arm bar and it looks like its over, but Edgar escapes. Franca lands an upkick and the two are on their feet again trading some good punches but Edgar gets another takedown, throwing more elbows.

Round Two
Franca has some swelling on his forehead and under his left eye from Edgar's elbows as the two come out trading kicks. Edgar lands a good flurry of combinations and leads into another takedown where he delivers more ground and pound. Edgar tries to pass guard but Franca maintains only to get more punishment from Edgar in the form of punches and elbows. Edgar stands and avoids more upkicks from Franca. A scramble and both are back on their feet where Edgar lands a good head kick before Edgar gets another takedown.

Round Three
Franca fires a good uppercut but Edgar shrugs it off. Franca follows it up with a good knee. Edgar takes Franca down yet again where Franca looks for a triangle or an armbar but can't land either. The two get back to their feet but Edgar won't let Franca rest and gets him back to the mat. Franca pushes Edgar off with his legs and almost gets a dominant position, but Edgar scrambes out and the two return to their feet. Franca lands another strong knee and an uppercut but Edgar stays solid and gets the fight back to the mat where the round ends and the fight goes to decision.

Frankie Edgar wins by unanimous decision.

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