Mantenna - Lil Wayne Injured in Skateboarding Accident

August 22, 2011
Lil Wayne is injured in a skateboarding accident, the WarGames remake has a screenwriter, and Oregonians are getting it on the most... ask not what your Mantenna can do for you, ask what you can do for your Mantenna.

Lil Wayne Injured in Skateboarding Accident

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment

According to reports, Lil Wayne was rushed to a St. Louis emergency room last evening by his crew after badly wrecking on a skateboard and getting a gnarly gash on his head. Weezy Tweeted after the incident: "The Lou was good but I busted my fuggin head at the sk8park! 9stitches! Gnarly gash over my left eye! Luv the people." Apparently Wayne got the nasty cut while hitting up a skateboard park near the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre where he had just performed. Wayne was given his stitches and immediately released back into captivity. This guy is so punk rock it hurts. [TMZ]

WarGames Reboot Gets a Writer

Every child of the ‘80s remember the cold war classic WarGames starring Matthew Broderick and Dabney Coleman where a rogue computer system almost launches the world into thermonuclear war. Now MGM is hoping they can get a whole new generation of moviegoers excited about the new version that's currently in development. Noah Oppenheim, the writer behind the Jackie Onassis biopic Jackie, has been tapped to pen the script and Horrible Bosses and King of Kong director Seth Gordon will oversee the production. This marks the third remake that MGM has planned for their studio, along with new versions of Robocop and Carrie. [Deadline Hollywood]

Kim Kardashian Gets Married

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment

If you have the Internet or a working television then you are well aware that Kim Kardashian got married over the weekend. Based on the pictures and the insane amount of press dedicated to the event, Kim and basketball stud Kris Humphries tied the knot in style up in Montecito, California. If you have any interest in seeing what a family with way too much money spends on a wedding, hit TMZ for the lowdown, guys. [TMZ]

Wanna Get Some? Go to Oregon

If you're looking to move to a new state with a little more, shall we say, "action," a new survey suggests that Oregon should be at the top of your list. The dating site OKCupid conducted a survey of their eligible clientele and found that Portland, Oregon had the most number of members looking for "casual sex" on their profiles who were still active users. Seattle, Pittsburgh, Miami, and San Francisco rounded out the rest of the top five. [TIME]