Collapsible, Rubber Shot Glasses for Perfect Drinking Game

October 31, 2008

Think Geek has these “pocket shots” for the traveling, stylish, discreet alcoholic.  It feels, to me, like they’d go well in a NERF war.  But, hit the jump for an explanation of the greatest drinking game of all time and how these shot glasses are perfect for it.

The game is called dichotomous shots.  You need at least two shot glasses and a smart-ass bartender.  It works by your coming up with a dichotomy (black/white, surf/turf, oil/water, war/peace, chastity/your mom) and then you say to the bartender that you want two shots.  Each shot is to be themed for one side of the dichotomy, and the stark contrast in color (not to mention the portable nature) of these glasses suits it just fine.

It is, indeed, a thinking man’s game.  But, more importantly, it’s so interesting that about 75% of the time some hot chick sitting next to you at the bar will end up going home with you* to redefine your boundaries of both pleasure and pain.  Hey, that’s another shot!


*Not true.