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Mantenna - Thursday, January 6

by spike.com   January 06, 2011 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 250

Kanye West gets sued for beating down a photographer, T.I. receives a prison punishment for getting too frisky with his wife, and a college football player gives up $80 million to go back to school...the Mantenna is the best around!

Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Kanye West Sued for Beatdown on Photographer

A paparazzo in Manhattan is suing Kanye West and his bodyguards for allegedly beating him back in 2008 at a party. According to the New York Daily News, Michael Vazquez claims he was "assaulted, battered, beat, and threatened" by West and his crew when he tried to snap a photograph of the rapper at Guastavino's underneath the Queensboro Bridge. Vazquez also states that he was actually invited to film and photograph the May 14 shindig. [NY Daily News]

College Football Player Gives Up $80 Million to go Back to School

Andrew Luck recently decided that becoming the first overall pick in the NFL draft was not a career choice he wanted to pursue. Thus, he chose to head back to Stanford for another year to explore his options. ESPN reports that "Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, the odds-on favorite to be the No. 1 pick in this spring's NFL draft, announced Thursday he will stay in school and play his redshirt junior season. 'I am committed to earning my degree in architectural design from Stanford University and am on track to accomplish this at the completion of the spring quarter of 2012,' Luck said in a statement." [ESPN]

T.I. Receives Prison Punishment for Sexual Acts with Wife

Photo: Prince Williams/Getty Images

During a visit to Arkansas State Prison last weekend, T.I.'s wife, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, apparently got a little too "frisky" with her incarcerated husband after giving him a serious rubdown in the middle of the visiting room. According to prison rules, this type of behavior is a very big no-no. Inmates at the jail can hug and kiss at the beginning and at the end of a visit, but according to the guidelines, "the inmate's hands must remain in plain view of Visiting Room staff at all times." "Tiny" told TMZ that T.I. was immediately reprimanded and sent to a "Special Housing Unit." This poor guy just can't get a break. [TMZ]

Matt Millen Makes Astute Observation About Matt Millen

Remember how terrible Matt Millen was at his job? Well, apparently so does he. In an interview with AOL Fanhouse he claims "I hope John does better than I did, because I stunk at it," he said. "There's a misconception about the job," Millen continued. "It's less about the game of football. It's less about X's and O's. It's less about personnel decisions." Yes, being an NFL general manager isn't really about football. Good observation, Matt. [Fanhouse]

Kobe Bryant Loses Basketball Game to a Busboy

The headline pretty much sums up the clip. Enjoy! [YoutTube]

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