Bisping Already Calling for Rematch with Hendo

July 20, 2009

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that Michael Bisping is already calling out Dan Henderson for a rematch after his devastating KO loss to the legendary "Hendo" at UFC 100 just two weekends ago.

It was one of the most devastating KO's we've ever seen inside the Octagon and would have caused most men to reconsider career paths, but the Brit is eager to jump right back into action. According the Manchester Evening News, he's hoping to challenge a "top fighter" in his next outing and earn himself the rematch.

He goes on to explain, "That wasn't the best of me in the ring in Vegas and I want another crack at him." You have to admire his willingness to get back in there, but at the same time it makes you wonder if he doesn't still have a few screws loose. Bisping is a good fighter and still has a long career to continue improving, but if there's one thing that fight should have taught him -beside how to circle right- it's that Henderson is still in a class above him. It wasn't a situation where Bisping was doing well and just got caught; he was simply out-matched the entire fight.

For a competitor like Bisping, that's got to be tough to swallow and reconciliation should be a driving force in his career, but it's not the kind of matchup that you want to jump right back into. He needs to take some time, really look at his stand-up game and figure out how to improve it.

Source: Manchester Evening News