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Eastern Promises Might Have a Sequel In Store

by nathanbloch   March 30, 2009 at 5:12PM  |  Views: 60

Director David Cronenberg, the master behind recent films like A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, has said that he's interested for the first time in his career in doing a sequel. He's talking about Eastern Promises, the film that earned Viggo Mortensen an Oscar nomination. His character, Nikolai, apparently has some loose ends that need to be taken care of.

MTV tells us that Cronenberg is hoping the writer of Eastern Promises, Steven Knight, can knock out another great script and they can all go back to work. Before he can get busy with part two, though, he's got to shoot The Matarese Circle with Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington:

It’s the first time I’ve ever been in a situation where I actually want to do a sequel to something. I’ve never had the desire to do that before. But in this case, I thought we had unfinished business with those characters. I didn’t feel that we had finished with Nikolai and we had done a lot of research that was more than we could stuff into that one movie.

For fans of Eastern Promises this is really great news. It was definitely a movie that stood on its own, but the characters and world that were limned in the first film were such that it's exciting to imagine how the story might continue. Spoiler coming up! Nikolai plays a Russian gangster working for a well-connected Russian mob in London, and the twist at the end reveals that his loyalties actually lie with a British intelligence agency.

In terms of working with Mortensen again, Cronenberg hints that the actor might be game:

I consider him a personal friend and we communicate all the time. That doesn’t always happen with actors. He’s very serious about his acting. But he’s really a funny guy. We laugh a lot. We giggle a lot.

This could be a great sequel, or it could leave people wishing they'd stopped after the first. But this blogger is pretty dang excited about seeing Russian mobsters in London in action again. Maybe they'll have a naked knife fight in a kitchen this time.

Source: Lalo Yasky/Getty Images