Gary Busey to Blame for Crazy Celebrity Baby Name Trend

May 12, 2011

Who’s to blame for the pandemic of celebrities christening their children with bats*** crazy names like Bear Blu, Apple, and Moroccan? The one and only Gary Busey, of course.

Gary Busey is your go-to guy for weird and wonderful baby names, well, according to Jimmy Kimmel Live. In a potshot at the likes of Alicia Silverstone (who named her son Bear Blu) and Mariah Carey (who’s twins are called Moroccan and Monroe), Busey and the gang at Kimmel created a hilarious mock infomercial.

In the spot, a wonderfully whacked-out Busey introduces himself saying, “Hi, I'm Gary Busey, and I name babies.” A voice-over kicks in explaining that Busey spent three years studying “nomenclature with Tibetan monks” and now has the “expertise” to name your newborn. Somehow, this is very believable.

Busey promises for the low fee of $2.17 a minute to coin a truly a unique name for your little pride and joy. Some examples thrown around by Busey include Papaya Aquarium or Snuggie Hammerhead. Busey is brilliant.

For the record, Busey recently named his one-year-old son Luke.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live