Russians Babes Urged to Show Boobs to Support Putin Presidential Run

July 18, 2011

Want to get a politician's attention? Show boobs. A group of sexy Russian girls is urging women across the country to tear their clothes off and show their breasts in support of Vladimir Putin.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is eyeing a second run for the presidency of Russia and one sexy blonde has made a call to arms for girls across Russia to strip and show their support for Putin. A spunky blonde student named Diana appears in the video called "Putin's Army."

The woman sexily struts down a Moscow street looking very corporate and hanging out with her funky friends. The video ends with Diana writing "I will tear my clothes off for Putin" on a white top in red lipstick and starting to undo her clothes. Hot!

This is a loose translation of the video according to Global Post:

Hi, my name is Diana. I'm a student. I'm crazy about a person who changed the life of our country. He's a capable politician," the narrator says, as the cameraman artfully manages to fit her iPhone, her cleavage AND her Orthodox cross in a single shot. "He's a chic man. He's Vladimir Putin."

"There are millions who adore him, who trust him. But there are many people who throw dirt on him. Maybe they're scared? Or maybe out of their own weakness? Because they'll never be in his place. Young, smart and beautiful girls have united in the Putin Army."

The video is not officially from the Putin camp, but it did appear on the blog of parliamentarian Kirill Shchitov from Putin's ruling United Russia party.

It kind of reminds of the Boobs for Barack campaign in 2008.

Source: ArmiaPutina