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September 16, 2009

It’s time for the main card of Fight Night 19. The crowd is in their seats and primed for some action. Joe Rogan didn’t make it out tonight, but Kenny Florian steps in as a solid replacement and it’s shaping up to be a great night. Warning: Spoilers included. Fight Night airs on Spike at 8 p.m. local time.
The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights
premieres right after Fight Night with Rashad, Rampage, Kimbo and the crew. For the first time ever, will be doing our original web series The Aftermath with The Ultimate Fighter this season so hit us up with your questions and host Amir Sadollah will get the answers. 

Nate Quarry Vs. Tim Credeur

Round 1:

Quarry hits him with a straight right, then a quick exchange and a Quarry right hook gets through. Tim puts together three or four combos but misses across the board. A brief looks of frustration comes across his face. A left from Quarry gets him on the chin. Credeer drops him with a right and is all over him. He gets mount and Quarry gives up his back. Credeur sinks in a rear naked choke but Quarry fights it off and gets back to his feet. The crowd erupts. Credeur is becoming very aggressive and firing off his best shots, most of them don’t get through but they don’t feel good.

Round 2:

Credeur on the offense, big time. He’s landing at will and all of a sudden Quarry comes out of no where with a shot that drops Credeur. He bounces right back up. Then it’s Credeur dropping Quarrt but he’s right back uip. They end up on the with Quarry on top, his Face is bloody. Quarry is doing damage with ground ‘n pound but Credeur is OK. Credeur is going for an armbar but Quarry defends.

Round 3:

Credeur’s left hook lands cleanly. Credeur has him in trouble again, against the cage and is swinging for the fences. Quarry again comes from no where with a blow that buckles Credeur’s knees. He’s down but he’s still awake and Herb Dean lets them continue. Credeur gets back up but Quarry is nailing him. Credeur answers with a few but it’s Quarry who is in control. Credeur goes down again. He can’t take much more of this. Quarry is on top now, but he’s exhausted. Now it’s actually Credeur who looks fresher, but not by much. Herb Dean steps in to stand them up. Credeur fires a head kick and slips but he landed it. The bell rings and the crowd freaks out. Quarry raises his hands and hugs Credeur. Ridiculous final round.

Nate “Rock” Quarry get the judges’ decision. Quarry’s eye is freakin disgusting. I doubt he can see out of it right now. Kenny Florian tells Credeur that there's no loser in this fight, the look in Tim's face suggests he doesn't agree but he's humble and says he's ready for more.    

Carlos Condit Vs. Jake Ellenberger

This is going to be a good fight. I’ve been a fan of both these guys for a long time and this is a huge fight for Ellenberger. At the same time, Condit, one of the best in the world, needs to recover from his disappointing UFC debut.

Round  1:

Ellenberger comes right out and gets Condit on his back. Condit’s head is against the fence, but he’s got a nice high guard and Ellenberger has nothing for him. Condit is back to his feet, he misses with a knee and Ellenberger misses with a combo. Back to the center of the ring. Condit is bleeding form his mouth and he catches a vicious blow from Ellebenger and geos down. He covers up  but Jake is all over him. The veteran keeps his senses and finds his way back to his feet. And now Condit has some offense, but Ellenberger drops him, he ‘s in trouble but he’s OK and gains a dominant position on top. From the mount, he briefly pounds Ellenberger. They’re back to the feet. Ellenberger lands a ridiculous head kick right on the chin. Condit is still there but he is in for some hurt if he can’t change the pace of the fight fast. The bell rings. 

Round 2:

Ellenberger is calmer coming into the second round. He gets a takedown, but it’s right into Condit’s guard and he’s just fine with that. Ellenberger is on him like a good wrestler would be but he’s not doing much in the way of real offense. Condit is reaching deep into his bag of tricks but Jake isn’t biting on anything. Just as I say it Condit locks up a kimura. Jake fights it off but he gives up his spot on top and from the mount Condit can start to do some damage. Condit tries to take his back, but his hips are too high and Ellenberger shakes him off to a reversal. Condit gets his feet and out a jab. Bell.

Round 3:

Condit sends off some punches and Ellenberger raises his hands, he wants more. Condit drops in for a takedown but Ellenberger ends up on top. Back to the feet Condit eats a kick to the face. He goes for another takedown, but walks into a guillotine. He pops out and finds himself in half guard. He’s getting off a few good shots, but he has a lot of ground to make up. He gets to full mount but then Ellenberger reverses. Condit kicks him off and they’re back to the feet. Ellenberger now shoots in but Condit stops him and looks for another kimura. It’s not there but he’s able to get Ellenbegrer’s back. With about 20 seconds left Condit is desperately looking for a choke but Ellenberger holds on until the bell.

Condit gets the split decision. It was a close fight, but that was a fair call. It was all Ellenberger in round 1 but Condit held on and fought his way back in 2 and 3.

Gray Maynard Vs. Roger Huerta

Round 1:

Huerta’s hair looks perfectly groomed, walking into the first round. He’s definitely ready for an acting career, but it sounds like crowd here wants a few more fights out El Matador as they chant his name. Maynard lands a nice right in a flurry of punches. He lands another one that stuns Huerta a bit but he regains his wits. Huerta is stalking with a pretty open stance. He gets inside Maynard and lands a few nice ones that send sweat flinging off Maynard’s face. Maynard goes for a takedown. Huerta stops it.

Round 2:

Maynard lands a left hook. Not a whole bunch doing in the second round. There was outburst early, it’s been a little slow since (slow compared to the other fights tonight). Then Huerta stings Maynard with a right and stumbles. Huerta goes on the offensive and fires a few of his best. Just noticed a little blood on the side of Maynard’s nose. Doesn’t look too bad. A looping right from Maynard misses but he locks up a clinch that Huerta wants nothing to do with. A right hook from Huerta lands. In the last seconds of the round, they open up into a flurry but not much actually lands.

Round 3:

Maynard lands an overhand right. Huerta unleashes again and Maynard looks for a takedown to get out of trouble but he can’t get it. They’re back to the middle, Maynard goes back in and finally gets his takedown. Huerta tries to get to his feet but gets slammed. Maynard is in half guard looking for a mount but he cant get it so he settles for a kimura. He is cranking it. Huerta’s arm is at a right on in the wrong direction right now, but he’s not tapping. That is unbelievable. It looks like his arm might snap, but Maynard’s grip is slipping and Huerta is out of trouble. They’re in a north-south. Now back to the feet and the bell rings.

This is another close one to call, but the judges have Maynard in front as he gets the spilt decision.

Nate Diaz Vs. Melvin Guillard

Round 1:

Diaz comes out swinging right away, Guillard ducks the first shot and lands one on Diaz that drops him to the mat, but Diaz is right back up. Diaz gets the trip for a takedown but Guillard hip-tosses him right over, then lets him back to the feet. Diaz is already cut nicely above his right eye and he starts taunting Guillard. Diaz gets another takedown. A little shimmy shammy catches guillard off guard but it does nothing. Diaz throws up his hands again in a taunt. And I think he might have just open-fist slapped Guillard. That’s how they do it in Stockton.

Round 2:

Wild punches open up round 2 from both guys. Diaz tries to pull Gulliard into guard but Melvin ends up on top. He lets him up. A right-left lands cleanly and Guillard and send him stepping back. Then he charges, and walks into a guillotine. Diaz locks it up and Guillard taps after a few seconds.

That's it, guys. I'm out. Thanks for clicking, hope you stick around for The Ultimate Fighter. It's gonan be, um, heavy. Send in your questions/comments so we get them answered on The Aftermath.