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by Robbie E   July 11, 2012 at 1:10PM  |  Views: 3,570

What up, my dudes? There are plenty of hamsters out in the world that regularly hate on me because they claim I do too many cosmetic things. They say that I'm too girly; I mean come on, bro. It's 2012, people have to take care of their bodies, skin, nutrition, etc. to look good. So here are a LIST of the things I do regularly and ill explain why they are manly and not girly bro.

Facial - Last time I checked it wasn't girly to keep wrinkles and dirt off your face, man. I regularly get facials to keep my face looking clean and wrinkle free. It's not an easy task when you're out in the sun as much as me. Me and Bigger Rob love laying next to each other and getting our faces cleaned.

Pedicures - I mean really, how cool is it to sit in a massage chair and have a chick playing with your feet? Sounds manly to me, bro. Plus, think about how gross all the stuff is that they take off your skin!! Me and Bigger Rob play thumb wars while we get pedicures done. Sometimes he lets me win, bro.

Manicures - See Pedicures. It's basically the same thing: you get a hand massage at the end and as long as you request a chick to do the dirty work it's completely manly!

Eyebrow threading - Who wants those little ugly hairs hanging around your eyes? It's not girly to want clean eyebrows, plus you would be surprised how much it hurts. Luckily I just got me some numbing lotion and the pain hopefully wont be as bad anymore. Bigger Rob screams louder than I do when getting these done. He hates getting his hairs plucked bro.


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