Match 5: Vlad the Impaler vs Samurai

December 6, 2010

Vlad the Impaler



Steel Crossbow.

Hand Cannon.




Yumi Bow.



Kilij vs Katana. Edge = Even.

Both these blades are going to slice a few guys in half, so I have to make this the ultimate tie.

Halberd vs Naginata. Edge = Halberd.

With the Halberd's multiple sides used to kill, the Naginata can be taken away, and then the Samurai could be stabbed by the spear, or cut up with the axe.

Steel vs Yumi. Edge = Yumi.

The Yumi Bow has longer range, greater accuracy, faster rate of fire, and more speed in reloading.

Cannon vs Kanabo. Edge = Cannon.

Both can be used as clubs, but the Hand Cannon can be used from longer ranges and shoot a ball, using early black powder!


Looking over his trophy yard, Vlad the Impaler sees his fallen enemies posted high on their large stakes. He suddenly feels trouble nearing him, so he takes out his steel crossbow, along with other weapons. All of a sudden, an arrow speeds by his face. It gashed his cheek. And he rose his hand to hit. He looked to where the arrow came from, and he saw a Samurai with his yumi.

Vlad shoots his crossbow, the bolt nailing into the Samurai's armor, but it didn't break through. He shot his yumi again, and the arrow hit Vlad in the shoulder. He dropped his crossbow, took out the arrow, and rose his hand cannon. He shot, but the ball missed by an inch. The Samurai lifted up his naginata and ran up.

Due to the range of the Samurai's weapon, Vlad lifted his halberd up to fight. The naginata swept at Vlad's chest, but the chainmail protected him. He swept his halberd, the hook aiming at the blade. He got it, and the two fought over the weapons, but the Samurai eventually lost it. He took out his kanabo and swung down on Vlad's halberd. It fell away, also breaking, and Vlad backed up against a tree.

The Samurai swung the kanabo at Vlad's head, but he ducked at the last second, and took out his kilij. He sliced at the Samurai's arm, and he dropped his kanabo. He took out his katana. The two fought, slicing blade against blade.

The Samurai took a swing at Vlad, but it bounced off his plate. Vlad returned the favor by slashing into the Samurai's chest plate. Both were equal at the time, but Vlad finally took a whack on the Samurai's shoulder. It sliced on the Samurai's collar bone, and fell down. He was still alive, and sliced again with the katana, and it stabbed in his thigh. He fell down, and the Samurai got up. He took a slash at Vlad's jaw, but it only sliced his cheek again. He grabbed it, but he thrust the kilij in the Samurai's neck, and he fell down, dead.

Vlad the Impaler: 519.

Kilij: 202.

Halberd: 193.

Steel Crossbow: 39.

Hand Cannon: 85.

Samurai: 481.

Katana: 174.

Naginata: 158.

Yumi: 92.

Kanabo: 57.