Second Semifinal Recap

December 4, 2008

Carrying right over from the last episode, no time is wasted before we get into the fights. Vinny Magalhaes and Krzysztof Soszynski put in their two cents and head for the cage.

Vinny is playing off the confident -if not cocky- roll here, but I'm not sure I buy it. I have to give him a little leeway on the language barrier, but he seems to be stuttering a little and it just sounds like he's trying to convince himself more than anyone else. But hey, I'm no psychologist.

On the other hand, Krzysztof doesn't exactly come off as timid. "This is my wife, this is my son," he said, signaling towards his fists, "and I'm going put them right through his face." That's an interesting way to put it, but I get the gist: Krzysztof is ready to fight.

The bell rings and the action kicks off quickly, with Krzysztof taking control of the standup game but he can only hold off Vinny's jiu jitsu for about four minutes and gets subbed with an armbar at about 1:15 of the first round and Vinny explodes into a screaming rage. Click here for the full fight recap.

He didn't land the six figures, but Krzysztof is a seasoned and talented fighter so don't be too surprised to see him back in the Octagon before long.

In Vinny's post-fight interview outside the gym, he explains how great of a win this was for him. He still seems nervous though. I guess that's just how he talks. I should keep my day job, because I clearly won't make it as a psychologist.

On to the second fight: Junie vs. Escudero. Junie's first order of business seems to be making up excuses for why he might lose. I'm going to take one more crack at my skills as a doctor. I don't think Junie feels good about this fight. In fact, it seems as though Junie may have already lost. He goes as far as to tell Frank Mir that he wants to forfeit.

Even back at the house, when Junie is talking smack there's some reservation in his words. He claims he's the greatest fighter in the house but manages to slip in the words, "Even if I get beat in this house, I'm still going to be the most successful motha fucker in this house." More excuses.

Then Shane Primm calmly suggests that Junie stop talking and just do it (no Nike sponsorship). Just like that, Junie explodes and hurls a glass at Shane, shattering it. This displeases Shane for some reason and he's convinced Junie is going home as he bellows out, "Shane, I hope you're in cardio shape!"

Could this be Junie's way out? His way of avoiding a loss to his nemesis Efrain on TV while still saving face? I don't know, but Dana White certainly thinks so.

Dana shows up at the house and has his sit-down with Junie. "What the fuck is wrong with you? I can't figure out if you're fucking retarded," Dana explains in that Dana way. It seems like Dana is getting ready to send Junie back to Kentucky for good, but he ends up leaving it in the hands of the fighters. He puts it to a vote with the rest of the house. Kick him off now, or beat him off tomorrow. Well maybe not "beat him off," but kick his ass. Not so surprisingly, they elect to let Efrain be the executioner. It seemed a little shady at first, but I can definitely get on board with his reasoning.

No more short cuts, it's time to fight.

Junie is first into the cage and his warm up technique is apparently sitting down and taking a break while he waits for Efrain to make his way to the cage. Efrain is clearly more ready to fight as Junie is still getting in some last minute stretches after the bell. He does make it to the second round, but ends up tapping at 1:34. Click here for the full recap.

Junie has a lot of talent but mentally, he's not even close. Word is out that he's been training at Extreme Couture since the show finished taping, so hopefully he's grown I can't believe he's made sufficient progress in such a short time. I hope he keeps trying though, because I would love to see him live out his full potential.

So that's it, the finals are set. It's Vinny vs. Bader, and Escudero vs. Nover. Both are great matchups of style and skill. These ought to be very exciting fights.