King Mo Slated to Reign on IMPACT WRESTLING

by Brian Dermody   October 02, 2012 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 8,059

As officially announced Thursday on IMPACT WRESTLING, Bobby Roode and James Storm will face off in a streetfight at Bound For Glory, and Hulk Hogan only trusts one man to keep those two in line.

That man is King Mo, and he'll be in the Impact Zone this Thursday. King Mo was an All-American wrestler at Oklahoma State, a three-time national wrestling champion and a gold medalist at the Pan American Games. He's been able to parlay that into an MMA record of 10-1-1. He's tough, he's battle-tested, and he'll be on IMPACT WRESTLING on Thursday night to help Hulk Hogan lay down the law.

Obviously, the IMPACT WRESTLING locker room is already abuzz with the news. Check out what Kurt Angle said about King Mo this past week on MMA Uncensored Live.

Kurt Angle on King Mo, Brock Lesnar
Get More: Kurt Angle on King Mo, Brock Lesnar

What kind of mood will King Mo be in come Thursday? And what will that mean for Roode, Storm, or anyone else who crosses him? Don't miss IMPACT WRESTLING, live Thursday at 8/7c, followed by an all new MMA Uncensored Live, only on Spike!

Photo: Esther Lin/ Forza LLC/ Getty Images


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