Foiljet is Environmentally Sound, Totally XXXtreme!

October 27, 2008

The market for green adventure racers is one that, I must admit, I’ve never considered before.  With zero emissions (cause it’s electric) the Foiljet is, in theory, is a jet ski that won’t foul up the waters keeping the local wildlife clean and happy (even if they’re chopped in half by a hydrofoil).

Not that I particularly care about the environment when I’m trying the jetski the sh*t out of it, but probably the cleverest part of this is that the engine noise is significantly reduced.  This would come as a welcome change to anybody on the lake but not on a jet ski – people that probably dislike their Sunday bbq cleaved by the metallic scream of 1000cc waverunner engine. 

Plus, check it out, hydrofoils!  You could put hydrofoils on a Rascal and it would make it awesome. Here's what the designers say: 

“An environmentally friendly recreational vehicle powered by a high torque 48 volt electric motor with benefits that include increased safety, efficiency and low noise. A unique and innovative vehicle which utilizes the latest in battery technology to provide unique thrills with no cost to the environment.”