The Donk Movement - Part 2 & 3

February 25, 2009

In part two of this Donk-umentary, VBS travels to the UK's donk belt, a stretch of economically devastated post-industrial wasteland situated around the genre's focal points of Burnley, Wigan, and Blackpool. While donk is completely unheard of even 30 miles to the north or south, within this swath it has achieved a Beatlemania level of popularity. We followed Bolton, England's Blackout Crew--a donk "boy band" of sorts who rose to prominence through a series of often extremely hilarious Youtube videos--on a brief tour across the countryside. Every show was packed beyond capacity with "donkeys" choking back pills and dancing more intensely than anything we've ever seen. It was pandemonium.

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Part 2

Part 3


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