Garth Brooks Bio

November 12, 2009

Garth Brooks announced his high energy rock-style country music with an evil smile and the phrase "welcome to the nineties". He entered the workforce with a degree in advertising and enhanced his natural talents as a singer with a knack for self promotion. Promotion and presentation were what Garth Brooks was good at, and although there were many country artists who made a more lasting musical contribution, Brooks raised the awareness of country music in audiences around the world, and in the process became one of the most successful country stars ever. Garth Brooks was born and raised in Oklahoma and, although his mother was a moderately successful country singer, he concentrated his energies on his interest in athletics. He began his career as a singer in local bars in the early eighties and in 1987 he moved to Nashville with his wife to follow his love of music. By the end of the nineteen-eighties the presentation of music had come through many changes. Thirty years previously there had been two kinds of music - rock and roll and the other kind - but when Garth Brooks began his career he had several sub-genres of country music to choose from as well as the introspective songs of artists like Kris Kristofferson and John Denver. Rock and roll and country music had always influenced each other but Garth Brooks drew on the crowd-pleasing elements of seventies glam rock to present a whole new kind of country music. If there was any resistance amongst traditional country music fans to the guitar-smashing, fireworks-exploding concerts of Garth Brooks, they were silences by the roar of world-wide approval from rock fans who discovered a new interest in rock and roll. Garth Brooks' high energy concert style was largely inspired by the way champion rodeo rider and country music singer, Chris LeDoux interacted with his audiences. Garth opened for Chris LeDoux with conventional sounding country music and Ledoux blew the audiences away with his loud, bucking bronco style concert presentation. Brooks remembered Chris LeDoux in his first hit, "Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)" which led to Ledoux reaching a much wider audience of country music fans. Garth Brooks will always be remembered as the artist who combined country with Kiss and who sold a bunch of albums through a deal with Walmart. Thanks to his flair for promotion other country singers found a way to get there music listened to in the nineties and beyond. Ricky Sharples has lots of info for guitar players of all levels at his blog a continuously updated directory of free guitar lessons, videos, chord charts and lots of useful guitar stuff.