Former NBA All-Star Realizes That Sex Trafficking Minors is Still Frowned Upon

March 1, 2010

Retiring from professional sports is a difficult thing to handle. Some athletes fill the void by purchasing car dealerships that go bankrupt within six months. Others spend their days kidnapping people in order to get their memorabilia back. One basketball star, however, went down a somewhat odd (and completely illegal) path.

When facing the notion of "not being paid millions of dollars to play a game anymore," former San Antonio Spurs guard Alvin Robertson decided that teenage girls and prostitution sounded like interesting hobbies to pursue. It just appears that he didn't consider the whole "legality" thing behind it, because he is now facing charges of sexual assault and the trafficking of a 14-year-old girl. Robertson is also accused of forcing the young lady to sleep with him, but no formal charges have been issued involving “statutory rape” or “being a massive creeper.”

According to reports, Robertson was allegedly part of a prostitution ring that kidnapped the girl and forced her to dance at strip clubs and pleasure patrons for money.

It’s unclear how long the operation lasted, but police claim that it came to a close when the girl escaped capture as one of Robertson's assailants left her alone in order to take a shower.

Robertson is currently awaiting trial and may have to channel his inner-O.J. Simpson by selling his 1986 Defensive Player of the Year trophy to pay off his victim and/or search for the real abductors.

Photo: Stone/Getty Images