Ancient Round; Match 6: Persian Immortal vs Viking

November 18, 2010

Persian Immortal

Sagaris Axe.

Persian Spear.

Persian Bow & Arrow.




Great Axe.

Double Spears.



Sagaris vs Longsword. Edge = Longsword.

The sword is longer, and gives more damage in shorter time than the Sagaris.

Spear vs Axe. Edge = Spear.

Even though I love the Great Axe, I have to give the edge to the Persian's Spear, due to being longer, and it can club you.

Bow & Arrow vs Spears. Edge = Bow & Arrow.

Even if the Bow is not accurate, its longer range will dominate the Viking, before he could get in range for his spears.

Dagger vs Shield. Edge = Shield.

The Shield has ultimate offense and defense where the Dagger won't be able to get pass the Shield.


A Persian is seen looking over a large hill. He's looking for any enemies, when he sees a Viking coming from the top of a hill. The Persian pulls up his bow, loads an arrow, and shoots. The arrow missed by a few feet, and the Viking pulled up two spears.

The Persian reloaded again, but the Viking was coming in fast. In no time, he got in range, and threw one of his spears. The Persian jumped out of the way, but his landing was bad, and started rolling down the hill. At the end, the Viking was there, ready to swing his axe.

When the Persian hit the bottom, he was able to get up quickly and take out his sagaris. Together, their axes locked together, and the Persian pulled out his dagger and slashed. But the blade only nicked a few rings on the chainmail he was wearing.

The Viking grabbed his shield off his back, and knocks away the Persian. He rolls away again, and slashes the sagaris again. But the tip only pierced the shield. The Viking swung his axe again, but the Persian flipped away, taking the shield away from him. But he pulled out his longsword and slashed. The blade took off a few scales on his torso.

The Immortal ran back up the hill, and found his spear. The Viking dodged, and tried to slash. It gashed the Persian's arm, and he tried to stab with his spear. The Viking kicked it out of the way, and slashed his sword across the Persian's face. The Persian looked up, his face covered in blood, and saw the longsword slash against his neck.

Viking: 541.

Longsword: 207.

Great Axe: 226.

Spears: 24.

Shield: 84.

Persian Immortal: 459.

Sagaris: 141.

Spear: 197.

Bow & Arrow: 44.

Dagger: 77.