Murdering Your Wife Before Overtime is One Way to Ensure She Won't Bug You During the Game

April 26, 2010

A Pittsburgh-area gentleman was faced with a difficult decision during the Penguins-Senators overtime battle last Thursday:  Do I listen to my wife and turn off the television, or just get rid of her entirely, watch the game and then burn down the house to destroy the evidence? (Spoiler Alert: Police say he chose the option that ended up with his wife in a body bag.)

40-year-old Robert Abrams will now have to watch the next Pittsburgh game in prison stripes -- which actually feature the black and white colors of the Penguins - after he allegedly took a fairly common marital dispute to a psychotic new level.

According to authorities, Abrams struck his wife with a hammer a few times, stabbed her repeatedly, and then lit their house on fire to cover up the evidence.

The die-hard fan who wanted to watch sudden-death overtime (okay, poor choice of words) has been charged with homicide, arson, and abuse of a corpse. Luckily, loving Sidney Crosby isn’t a crime.

Photo: Stockbyte/Getty Images