RUSH, CHICKENFOOT, SLIPKNOT Drummers To Be Inducted Into 'Drummies Hall Of Fame' -

January 4, 2011


Every year DRUM! Magazine conducts The Drummies, it's Annual Poll/Awards Program. Well, this year, Neil Peart has won his fourth straight "Drummer Of The Year" in the poll.

Other drummer, see news below, have been honored as well.

Here's the news.


Enter Music Publishing, publishers of hip, drum magazines worldwide, conducts the Drummies every year, with voting open to anyone from February to May. This year, 6,500 votes were cast in 40 drum/percussion categories ranging from "Drummer Of The Year" to " Drumming Book." Next year Enter Music Publishing will have its 20th anniversary and to celebrate the occasion will launch a Drummies Hall Of Fame. Neil Peart (RUSH), Chad Smith (CHICKENFOOT, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS), Joey Jordison (SLIPKNOT) and Josh Freese (A PERFECT CIRCLE, GUNS N' ROSES) are among the ten drummers who have won five or more total Drummie awards and will be inducted in January.

Glenn Noyes, national drum and percussion buyer for Guitar Center, told about Peart's continuing popularity, "Neil was, is, and always will be an icon in the drum world. So many drummers (including myself) have spent countless hours practicing to Neil's licks; trying to nail the perfect feel, dynamic range and subtle nuances. Now the next generation is discovering Neil and there is a whole new excitement level being discovered and developed. His creative drum parts, patterns and fills, along with incredible lyric writing are what keep him on top of the polls year after year. He always leaves you wanting more."