George Foreman Spins Boiling Fat on You, Curbs Your Appetite

November 13, 2008

George Foreman, the bold, boxing, fat-reducing bastion of the college dorm room kitchen, has a new device to make those fried chicken wings slathered in ranch dressing basically as good for you as a Master Cleanse.  It works by spinning them at what seems like dangerously high speeds while cooking them in boiling oil. 

This supposedly “knocks out 55% of the fat absorbed during frying.”  It also makes you into effing Two Face. Holy hell, what a bad idea.  Has anybody ever seen a centrifuge explode?  Here’s what it looks like.  Same thing here, but instead of whipping blood everywhere, you’ll have boiling chicken wing bits in your eyelids. 


Get this whirling death trap from George himself for $150