French Foreign Legion vs Zetas

January 24, 2011

Beginning Analysis: What happens when an elite French fighting force takes on Mexico's most dangerous drug cartel? Read on to see


French Foreign Legion

Short Range (1): MAB PA-15 Pistol

Short Range (2): SPAS-12 Shotgun

Long Range: FAMAS Assault Rifle

Explosive: GL-06 Grenade Launcher



Short Range (1): M9 Beretta Pistol

Short Range (2): Striker Shotgun

Long Range: AKS-74U Assault Rifle

Explosive: RPG-7 Rocket Launcher


Who Got the Edge

MAB PA-15 vs M9 Beretta: Both pistols get the edge. They're quite similar to one another, and are easy to conceal when stealth is needed.


SPAS-12 vs Striker: The Striker gets the edge. Although it's barrel length is shorter (457 mm compared to the SPAS-12's 546mm), it has a slightly lesser weight (4.2kg compared to the SPAS-12's weight of 4.4kg), and it's 12-round capacity means that a Zeta has to reload the gun later rather than sooner (although the loading time for the Striker is longer than the SPAS-12).


FAMAS vs AKS-74U: The FAMAS gets the edge. Although the AKS-74U is lighter (2.71 kg compared to and empty FAMAS, which weighs 3.8kg), the FAMAS has a much larger barrel length (488mm compared to the AKS-74U's barrel length of 210mm), better rate of fire (1000 to 1100 rounds a minute, compared to the AKS-74U's fire rate of 650 to 735 rounds a minute), and better shooting distance (450 meters compared to 200 meters). The only thing that these two guns have in common is a 30-round magazine.


GL-06 vs RPG-7: The RPG-7 gets the edge. Both launchers can be loaded with a variety of explosive rounds, but the RPG-7 can shoot farther than the GL-06 can (depending on the round, the RPG-7 can shoot up to 500 meters, whereas the GL-06 can only shoot up to 300 meters).



Nuevo, Laerdo. Date: Jaunary 25, 2011. Time: 12:00 P.M.


Juan Martinez, and his four man crew of Los Zetas soldiers, had been given the task of managing a warehouse near the United States border. Having been located twice, Juan felt the heat from the higher ups. Nether the less, he was given one last chance, and was sent to this warehouse. The amount of cocaine and weapons stockpiled here was too juicy a target for either the U.S., or some third-rate gang to pass up. As long as Juan and his crew were on the scene, nothing was going to happen. Or so they thought...


On this day, it was just Juan and his crew on location. He and three other Zetas were checking up on the stockpile, while another Zeta, Lopes, was on top of the roof acting as a looking. Looking to the west, he raised a pair of binoculars up to his eyes, and spotted an armor vehicle coming towards their location. In a fit of panic, he contacted Juan over the radio to let him know of the possible incoming trouble.


"Juan, Juan!" Lopes yelled over the radio. "We've got a situation here!"


"We're busy here!" Juan yelled back over the radio. "It better not be anything stupid!"


"It isn't!" Lopes yelled. "We've got an incoming armor vehicle, and I can't find any markings on it!"


Juan paused for a moment. Who could have found them out so soon, he thought to himself. "Keep at eye on the truck." Juan said. "If it show up here let us know...if you can."


Juan put the radio back into it's holster. He and the rest of the Zetas went to the armor, and stocked up for a possible fight. He and one of the Zetas picked up a AKS-74U, while the other two decided on Striker shotguns. Regardless of what they picked, everybody had a M9 Beretta for backup. Juan only hoped that Lopez could hold the possible attackers off with his RPG-7. It may be possible that the attackers could carry better gear than themselves, Juan though to himself.


The armored vehicle arrived at the warehouse 5 minutes later. It pulled up with a screeching halt, and four men immediately popped out of it. They were carrying gear that Lopes hadn't seen before. Through instinct, Lopes contacted Juan through the radio.


"Juan, they're here." Lopes said.


"Acknowledge." Juan responded, then put the radio back into it's holster. As they got towards the warehouse door, they heard a megaphoned voice that seemed a little...obnoxious.


"Zetas chapter, this is the French Foreign Legion. Put down your weapons, and come out with your hands up."


The French Foreign Legion? What the hell are these gringos doing here, Juan thought?


He opened the warehouse's front down, and stepped out. "Over my dead, Mexican body!" Juan yelled.


"If you do not put down your weapons, and come peacefully, we will take you by force."


"Says you, gringo!" Lopes yelled, and fired off his RPG-7. The rocket flew towards the vehicle, which prompted the Legion members to run for cover. Unfortunately for one of them, they couldn't make it in time. The rocket exploded right at his feet, blowing his legs completely off, and sent his torso straight into the armored vehicle.


French Foreign Legion: 4/Zetas: 5


The 4 legion members looked back at the armored vehicle, and spotted their comrade legless corpse. The stumps where his legs used to be were still bleeding, creating a pool of darkened blood. They looked back at Lopes, who was cheering his shot.


"Take that, gringos! That's what you get when you mess with a mexi..."


A bullet between the eyes a second later stopped him from finishing his sentence.


French Foreign Legion: 4/Zetas: 4


Lopes's lifeless body slumped down, the rolled off the side of the roof. His body hit the ground a moment later, breaking most of the bones in his body, and cracking his head wide open.


Juan just shook his head. "Idiot." he said under his breath. Before he could react, the Legion soldiers were firing at him. Ducking back into the warehouse, he and the rest of the Zetas took defensive positions for the incoming attack.


The Legion soldiers crept up to the door, and split up into pairs. Two to the left, and two to the right. One soldier on the right side slowly opened the door, and a hail of bullets came rushing out. Fortunately, he wasn't in the line of fire. He took the GL-06 grenade launcher from his belt, and loaded a incendiary round into the chamber. When the gunfire from the warehouse stopped, he leaned around the corner, and took the shot. The grenade flew, and hit a Zeta right square in the chest. Nothing was left, save for the legs, which were now engulfed in flames.


French Foreign Legion: 4/Zetas: 3


Juan, seeing that his forces were getting decimated, ordered his two men to fall back into a more secure part of the warehouse. As they were running, the Legion soldiers started coming in, two at a time.


Juan knew that the Legion soldiers were shoving them into a corner. Despite that, he and the rest of the Zeta chapter would fight to the last breath. One of his men seemed eager to prove himself, suddenly turning around as he was running, and unleashing hellfire from his Striker. The pellets from the shells went flying through two of the Legion soldiers, shredding their bodies like cheese applied to a grater.


French Foreign Legion: 2/Zetas: 3


In response, one of the Legion soldiers shot back with his SPAS-12, landing a shell straight into the Zeta's head. It bursted open, showering the area with brains and blood.


French Foreign Legion: 2/Zetas: 2


Juan and his last Zeta member just kept running, until they were in the cocaine room. As they went in, Juan locked the door behind them, and placed a cabinet in front of the entrance. The two went to a table in the back, and knocked it over for cover. The ruined cocaine would be a small price to pay, both had thought to themselves.


Meanwhile, the Legion soldiers made it to the door. They couldn't open it, but they still had the GL-06 with them. They took some steps back, loaded an impact round, and fired. The grenade blasted the door off it's hinges, and flung the cabinet backwards.


They charged right in, and were greeted by gunfire. A single bullet managed to hit one of the Legion soldiers right in the arm. The soldier fell back, leaving the other to fight by himself. The fallen cabinet right next to him provided adequate cover, but it wouldn't last.


Juan and his last man kept firing back. "Stupid gringo." Juan yelled out. "Now you know what it's like to get killed by Mexicans."


The shooting kept going on, until Juan's last man was shot in the shoulder, then in the head. The body fell backwards onto a table, sending raw cocaine into the air.


French Foreign Legion: 2/Zetas: 1


Juan was at this point was furious. His AKS-74U jaming up didn't help his situation, either. He tried fixing it, but threw it to the side, and drew his M9 Beretta. He waited until the Legion soldier was reloading, and charged right in, screaming and firing his pistol. Every single round landed square into the soldier's chest, and giving it a swiss cheese makeover.


French Foreign Legion: 1/Zetas: 1


Juan got out from cover, reloading his pistol in the process. He wanted to see the damage he had done, and walked right over to the corpse of the Legion soldier. The sight of the corpse gave him a sense of pride, and a sign that everything was going to be okay. He wondered, however, as to where the other Legion soldier went. He looked around, but he didn't find him.


The feeling of cold steel pressed against the back of his head a second later, and he unfortunately knew. The gun went off, and the bullet went through.


French Foreign Legion: 1/Zetas: 0


French Foreign Legion: 519

MAB PA-15 Pistol: 19

SPAS-12 Shotgun: 150

FAMAS Assault Rifle:150

GL-06 Grenade Launcher: 200


Zetas: 481

M9 Beretta Pistol: 81

Striker Shotgun: 100

AKS-74U Assault Rifle: 100

RPG-7 Rocket Launcher: 200


Final Examination: With the exception of the the MAB PA-15, the Legion's superior weaponry & training triumphed over the run & gun style of the Zetas cartel.


Strongest Weapon: Both the GL-06 and RPG-7 brought in a respectable 200 kills each, making them the strongest weapons.


Weakest Weapon: With it's measly 15 kills, the MAB PA-15 pistol is the weakest weapon of this fight.


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