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Superman vs. Batman, Avengers vs Ultron & Other Big News from Comic-Con

by Kevin Marshall   July 22, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 3,066
Source: jim lee/ Dc Comics

Another Comic-Con is in the books, and it gave us plenty to mull on. Sorry, my vocabulary is a bit limited. "Mull" means "wet your pants in excitement," right?

All joking aside, a ton of news broke and it nearly broke us just trying to keep up with it. Let's take a look at some just some of the stuff we learned, and what's got us excited about our favorite movie franchises, television shows, and - yes, believe it or not - comic books

Superman's Next Movie Foe will be...Batman?!

In an announcement that stole the show, Zack Snyder revealed his plans for the next Superman movie. He's basing them off a moment from Frank Miller's epic dystopian Batman story "The Dark Knight Returns," in particular the speech an aging Batman gives to Superman right after he's pummeled him with a kryptonite-enhanced super-suit. Snyder was careful to note several times that he was not adapting "The Dark Knight Returns," but simply using that quote as inspiration. 

Let the speculation begin. Will they be foes for the entire movie, or will we get the classic comic book trope of a misunderstanding leading to a conflict which leads to a clearing of the air which leads to a team-up against a mutual foe? Which Batman will we see, and will it have any connection at all to the Nolan trilogy? Does this mean the "Batman" character is being rebooted? Will Batman have the same reaction we did to "Man of Steel," which is to weep at the destruction of a city and cower in fear of this alien menace who can't so much as throw a punch without destroying a bridge? So many questions, so few answers, so much excitement!

The sequel to Avengers is "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

Marvel's movie panel unveiled footage for "Guardians of the Galaxy," "Thor: The Dark World," and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." The biggest reveal, though, didn't have any images attached to it at all, but rather three simple words: Age of Ultron. That's the sub-title for the second Avengers movie, which will see the Avengers battling the classic robot villain.

The title plays off a recent Marvel Comics event, which featured a lot of time travel and reality-bending. It's unlikely any of those elements will be incorporated, or to what degree the movie will be inspired by the crossover event. Another big, confirmed difference came when Joss Whedon told io9 that Ultron's creator in the comics, Hank Pym, will not be involved in Ultron's origin. It's a move that will probably generate some controversy, though given the pains Marvel has had to go through over the years to redeem Pym over this mistake, it's probably for the best.

Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Wireimage/Getty Images


Even with all those huge announcements, it was Tom Hiddleston who stole the show at Marvel's movie panel with an unplanned appearance, in costume and in character, as Loki. After first insulting the crowd then embracing them as his minions, he showed footage of "Thor: The Dark World" that revealed a bit more of the plot. Basically, Thor decides he needs Loki help, trusts him, and guess what? Loki betrays him. Lather, rinse, repeat. Asgardians never learn.

Samuel L. Jackson Plays Rush Limbaugh in "Robocop"

Well, okay, not really. That's just the analogy he used in talking about his character in the reboot of Paul Verhoeven's 1987 classic. In addition to footage of the man himself espousing pro-robot rhetoric on the airwaves, we also got a glimpse of some more of the plot and action in the film. In many ways, though, they provided more questions than answers. For example, some concept art released in the days before Comic-Con showed a different, sleeker looking Robocop, but in the footage shown at the panel we caught a glimpse of the more classic design. So which is it? Or is it both? Stay tuned!

Season 4 of "The Walking Dead" is going to be great

That's what it looks like, at least. At the Walking Dead panel they showed a four minute trailer for the new season, which will cover the aftermath of the disaster in Woodbury. It looks like things won't get easier for Rick and the crew, especially since they seem to be taking on the responsibility of Woodbury's survivors. Those of us who are obsessed with "The Wire" were also happy to see that they've added Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. (who played D'Angelo Barksdale in the critically acclaimed HBO series) to the main cast.


Source: Archie Comics

Archie vs. Zombies

Speaking of the undead, Riverdale's going to experience an invasion of its own starting this October with the launch of Afterlife with Archie. In short, zombies are in Riverdale and it's all Reggie's fault. Of course it is. The trailer is online and it's a hoot.

Vin Diesel can't say anything about The Vision, but let's face it, he's playing The Vision

Source: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Vin Diesel was asked twice at the panel for "Riddick" about Marvel's plans for him, with one question using some not-so-subtle wordplay to imply that it's all but a done deal that Vin Diesel will play The Vision. Diesel laughed it off and said he couldn't say anything about it, but also didn't deny it. He also said, specifically, "I can't say anything about The Vision" then added that there'll be big news coming at the end of the month. Well, there you go, fanboys. Feel free to read way too much into all of this.

That's just the beginning. So much went down this weekend that the news is still trickling out through live reports from panels and companies looking to expand on the little nuggets of info dropped in San Diego. We can't handle it! It's a total mess!

Don't bother trying to spend too much time cleaning up, though, because All Access is keeping the party going, and we'll wrap it up tonight in our epic one-hour special "Comic-Con: All Access," airing at 11p/10c on Spike. We've got a stellar lineup including the cast of "300," Samuel L. Jackson, Norman Reedus, and a lot more. There's also a ton of stuff up on ComicCon.spike.com, so be sure to check that out as well.

Here's a quick preview with Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. "Comic-Con: All Access,"