Tiger Woods Reveals How Many Mistresses He Really Had

April 30, 2010

In perhaps the most misguided effort in the history of marriage, Tiger Woods recently gave his estranged wife a list of every woman he slept with while they were together. It was four pages long (and included a shocking number of IHOP waitresses).

For anybody wondering what the actual number was, the suddenly reputable folks at The National Enquirer (who actually broke the story of his first affair) claim the list was 120 names deep.

In all fairness to his lothario legacy, Woods did omit the name of his neighbor’s daughter in order to soften the blow.

Sources claim that dipping his club in the neighborhood pond would have pushed Elin Nordegren over the edge and may inevitably serve as the catalyst for their divorce.

Luckily, it doesn't appear as if Woods is going to have a hard time finding someone to comfort him in family court.

Photo: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images