Obama Keeps Star Wars Defense Shield

November 18, 2008

The President-elect will be scaling back the Missile Defense Shield (popularly known as Star Wars), but will not do away with it entirely.  Congressional committees will likely scale back the Missile Defense Agency, but thankfully, we’re keeping our blasters on our hips, not throwing them in the cargo bay.

According to CQ:

“I think it’s unlikely you’ll see MDA in its current form after next year. It’s going to be downgraded,” said one Democratic committee aide. “MDA needs to stop doing everything, and they need to go back to their core mission.”

What is that core mission?  Shooting enemy missiles out of the sky!  Even scaled back, it’s still pretty awesome.  It’s a lot like this.  I for one am glad we’re still ready to throw down if need be.  It’s just too bad the Mavericks didn’t make it into the big house.  We’d have way more and way more deadly missiles to protect us. They’d probably fire out rabid badgers at our enemies or something.  Justice.