Mantenna - Tuesday, February 24

February 24, 2009

Freida Pinto gets down to business in a sexy photo spread, Weird Al hits the internet with a brand new tune about the economic meltdown, and the five worst failures in U.S. space's the Mantenna!

Source: Complex

Woman Still Lonely After 23 Marriages

A woman from Indiana has entered the Guinness Book of Records for being married more times than any woman in the world. Linda Wolfe, now 68 years old, has been married 23 times. She has been known as Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Street, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Moyer, Mrs. Massie, Mrs. McMillan, and many other names. Her longest marriage lasted 7 years and her shortest lasted just 36 hours. She is unsure why she married so many times, saying "When I was younger I was just a snot-nosed kid, but the neighborhood boys were all in love with me. They all wanted to marry me." Linda has been single for the last 12 years, feels lonely, and says she would marry again in a heartbeat. [Chicago Sun-Times]

Freida Pinto’s Sexy Photo Shoot

Freida Pinto, the star of Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire, is the latest sexy celebrity to grace the cover of Complex magazine. The 23-year-old former model from Bombay made her acting debut in Slumdog Millionaire after trying many years to crack Bollywood. In an interview with Complex she talks about the hardships she faced trying to crack India’s film industry, the sleazy aspects of the movie business, and whether she’d do nudity or perform a sex scene. [Complex]

Michel Gondry Takes on The Green Hornet

It looks like The Green Hornet is alive – again. After Stephen Chow dropped out as director, the movie stalled, but now famed French director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) has signed on to helm the picture. Seth Rogen had said that the project would become a reality as long as it had a director attached and it looks like his dream has come true. The cynics should start their stopwatch and start counting how long it’s going to take before Gondry drops out. The rest of us can just sit back and wait to see whether all the pieces of The Green Hornet puzzle are finally in place. [/Film]

New "Weird Al" Yankovic

The parody King returns! "Weird Al" has done a fresh new parody of T.I.'s smash hit "Whatever You Like" and reworked the lyrics to suit the harsh economic climate. He raps about buying his baby 2-ply toilet paper, eating Top Ramen and being an assistant manager at Kinko's. The new track ain’t no "White & Nerdy," but it’s sure to be another classic for Mr. Yankovic. [YouTube]

Duke Ellington Becomes First African American on U.S. Coin


Source: David Redfern/Redferns/Getty Images

The United States Mint launched a new coin Tuesday featuring jazz legend Duke Ellington, making him the first African-American to appear by himself on a circulating U.S. coin. Ellington appears on the "tails" side of the new D.C. quarter and George Washington is on the "heads" side. The coin was issued to celebrate Ellington's birthplace, the District of Columbia. U.S. Mint Director Ed Moy introduced the new coin at a news conference today at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. [CNN]

Pirate Bay Trial - Day 7

Today the prosecution in The Pirate Bay demonstrated their lack of knowledge regarding criminal proceedings and how torrent engines work.  As evidence, they brought to the stand several “experts” who had signed up with Pirate Bay, pirated copyrighted materials, then destroyed them.  They presented screenshots of the torrents downloading, however, The Pirate Bay's defense pointed out that doesn’t prove where the torrent is coming from, who owns it, what’s on it, or really anything but the file name and the percentage of it that is downloaded.  Swing and a miss for the prosecution! [Gizmodo]

The Five Worst U.S. Space Failures

Wired has an article on the five worst screw-ups in space by (gulp) the United States.  Some of them are obvious, like the Challenger explosion.  But some are more surprising in that we didn’t even know that the technology for solar sails existed, much less that it was failing and falling into the Barents Sea.  Very interesting. [Wired]

USF1 is the First U.S.-based Formula 1 Team in Two Decades

SpeedTV has announced today there will be an official USF1 team based in Charlotte, NC. Exciting times as this is the first time there's been a U.S.-based Formula 1 team in more than twenty years. Although the team has yet to make a public decision on drivers or engine suppliers, Danica Patrick has been rumored to be a driver for the team. They plan on taking advantage of the recent F1 cost-cutting measures, which will hopefully allow them to be extremely competitive and run an efficient operation. []

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