Help Bring UFC to the Big Apple

January 26, 2009

By now, you've probably heard that the UFC has been putting on the full-court press in the New York State legislature to get MMA legalized and regulated in the Empire State. As a result of their efforts, a vote is coming up to determine the sport's future in NY-or lack thereof. This will mark the second bill of its kind to pass through the committee; the first one didn't make it, so those two zany guys at Cage Potato have decided to give us UFC fans a voice by starting up a petition for the folks out in Albany to peruse. If you'd like to see the UFC come to Madison Square Garden -or anywhere else in New York- or if you're just an MMA fan and want the best for the sport, take a few seconds and sign the petition.

Photo: ArtBox Images RF/ArtBox Images/Getty Images