Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Matchup: Inuit Warrior vs Australian Aboriginal

August 16, 2010

Inuit Warrior vs

Australian Aboriginal

Hello, to anyone whose been reading my past 2 blogs or any new comers, i have another idea for an ancient matchup, the Hunter / warriors of the inuit tribe vs the austrialian aboriginals.

Why: Well aside from both being ancient warriors both these warriors could be grouped in a sub group. Think both lack true armor, both were really just tribes ( the aborignals were really many different tribes) neither ever formed any official, empire or kingdom, and their weapons were pretty basic.


Inuit: The Inuit people were based in the most Northern regions of the Americas. They inhabited nothern Canada and the coastal areas of Green Land. The Inuit warriors used hunting weapons which had double purpose as to also be weapons against othe clans

Aboriginal:the aboriginal lived all through out the australian continent. Now there are hundreds of these tribes many used the same weapons as each other. Many used spears, clubs, and the famous boomerang.



Inuit: Club, not that much to explain about

Aboriginal: Nulla Nulla, or Waddy, was a carved timber club ( again), it could break sheilds and kill or stun prey.



Inuit: Toggling Harpoon, this was a throwing harpoon used by the inuits to impale what ever they were trying to catch, but coud easily be used against a human opponent. It was two points the main point that stabs in to the prey and other acts almost as a hook to causes the weapons to stick into the body, pulling it out would be very painful and agonising.


Aboriginal: Spear, the aboriginal spear much like the toggling harpoon, too was used to catch prey but this spear could be six metres in length, and in war could kill it's any enemy.




Inuit: Cable Backed bow, a bow reinforced with cable on the back, this makes the bow unlikely to break under tension and raises it power.

Boomerang: We all know what this is, 2 types of boomerangs exist one that returns and one that doesn't. Unfortunately returning boomerangs are smaller and used in sport. The Heavier boomerang hits it's target then lands on the ground. Also we've all seen the "traditional" boomerang with it's 2 wings in an angle but in realty they can vary in their shape but all boomerangs must be flat.



Inuit: Kakivak, another fishing weapon but it's i really liked how this weapons looked , it's got one long spike in the middle , and to spiks on it's side that make it look like a giant bug's mouth.

Aboriginal: Stone Axe, pretty simple and basic.


Other Notes,

Inuit: The Inuit used the kayak too a great deal, also they did were some lamellar scale armor. Also reinforced with coats of fur.

Aboriginal: Absolutely no armor, but many did use a giant oval shield so some test should be done on it to test it's effectiveness. 

Sword and Shield


Inuit: Even though there weapons were hunting tools you can't deny that they look scary and fierce. Their weapons are made to cause maximum damage, and it can be seen when looking their harpoons and especially the kakivak.

Aboriginal: Fierceness, the australian aborigianls were fierce fighters and even when europeans showed up they kept fighting an uphill battle even though deseases and european weapons were wining.

So that's all for now and right another blog on my 4th idea Salvadorian Death Squads which have plagued that country since the 80's  versus the Srpska Army which caused the Srebrenica massacre.

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