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10 Coolest Bad Guys In Video Game History

by Kevin Marshall   November 01, 2012 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 5,323

Abobo – Double Dragon

Abobo – Double Dragon

Although he's the first boss (and third) you encounter in the original Double Dragon game from 1987, he's easily the most fondly remembered and frequently referenced aspect of the game. With the body of a bodybuilder and the head of an angry baby, Abobo was notable for being unthrowable and tossing the Double Dragon boys over his head. In recent years he's even become meme in graffiti culture, making appearances on the streets of Portland, New York City, and even this article's home town of Troy, NY. He also made an appearance in the live-action Double Dragon movie, which starred the guy from "Party of Five" and the Chairman from the Food Network show "Iron Chef America." He looked absolutely awful. Seriously, the movie's not even enjoyably bad. Avoid it.

Slender Man - Slender

Slender Man was a fakelore figure created in the Something Awful forums, where members of the community were challenged to photoshop a slim figure in a black suit and a blank, sheet-white face into various photographs. The meme became so popular that an independent video game was created based on the character.

"Slender: The Eight Pages" was developed by independent game developer Mark J. Hadley and is available for free as a download from the game's official website. It uses an effective minimalist first-person perspective to create real tension and fear in a way few, if any, video games have before. Which is impressive considering it's an indy game capitalizing on an inside joke.

Every Bad Guy - Shadow of the Colossus

Each of the bosses are so visually striking and interesting in their own right that it didn't seem fair to pick just one. They make "Shadow of the Colossus" arguably the closest thing the video game industry has come to putting out something of real artistic merit. More importantly it's also a Hell of a lot of fun.

Ganondorf – Legend of Zelda Games

Ganondorf – Legend of Zelda Games

Ganondorf is the primary antagonist for most of the games in the "Legend of Zelda" franchise and one of the most enduring villains in video game culture. He started off as "Ganon" in the original "Legends of Zelda" games, originally becoming "Ganondorf" and adopting most of the attributes more commonly associated with him in the 1998 video game "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time." The game played with the idea of parallel universes, explaining the differences in the franchise's timeline and various incarnations of characters.

The Great Mighty Poo – Conker's Bad Fur Day

At first glance, the Great Mighty Poo comes off as a lame, sophomoric joke. "What," you ask yourself (if you're us), "was this game designed by twelve-year-olds?" Then the Great Mighty Poo starts singing opera and it becomes absurdly awesome.

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