Comanche Vs Mongol (outcome)

July 25, 2010

It was very interesting about the outcome. I am very pleased that the Comanche won. A lot of tribal members were very happy as well. I am a Full Blooded Comanche and I have nothing but respect for the Mongol. The Comanche and Mongols have always been known for their fearless fighting skills and both were and are hated to this day. I am sure the Comanche and Mongols could care less about what other people think about them. I am also sure that the Mongols feel it was a loss but we will get them next time. This attitude is what makes both of them unique.

In any fight be it hand to hand or war. It has always been about armor, weapon, skill and adaptability. Armor determines how much damage one can take. Weapons determines how much damage can be placed on someone. Skill on the other hand decides the number of victory. It’s the adaptability that determines the win. In my opinion the Comanche’s will adapt to anything they feel will help them in the long run. It was this that determined the win. Not sure if the sim computer takes this into account, we must remember the sim computer is just counting numbers in the long run.