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Robbie At The Bat

by Robbie E   April 03, 2013 at 8:30PM  |  Views: 2,848

What's up, bro?

I have just been informed the baseball season has started this year. Really, bro? Baseball? Who still watches baseball? Ugh. I mean, when I watched and guys like Frank Thomas, Ken Griffey Jr, Mel Hall, and Roberto Kelly were playing, it was cool, bro.

But now, I mean the teams are filled with all hamsters, bro. Here are the reasons why baseball is so brutal, bro.

5 - Boring - I mean, if I needed something to put me to sleep, baseball is the perfect thing to watch. Cause, bro, it's B O R I N G.

4 - Long - Usually a baseball game takes like, 11 hours bro. I can't spend a half day watching bros spit sunflower seeds and make weird hand gestures to each other. There are way more important things to do in a day for Robbie E, like, get my eyebrows threaded or go tan, bro.

3 - Snacks - The baseball food sucks. I mean, hot dogs need to be turkey dogs. Cracker Jacks need to be protein bars, and the overly expensive beers should be at least overly expensive protein shakes, bro.

2 - Weather - Whenever I go to watch a baseball game I always leave either cold, hot or wet. It's never perfect weather. Why would I wanna be uncomfortable for so long, watching something so boring in seats that are so uncomfortable? Duh, bro.

1 - No Girls - I mean, where are the girls at, bro? Can't we get a hot girl coach? Some players? Or at least some hot chicks in the crowd, bro. Something to spark my interest and keep me entertained during this boring ass game.

Until next week. OH! This was my blog, bro.

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