Mantenna - Friday, April 23

April 23, 2010

Kim Kardashian is a victim of domestic violence, The Last Airbender and Green Hornet go 3D, and Mickey Rourke is set to play Genghis Khan?...Man-ten-na! Man-ten-na! Man-ten-na!

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Kim Kardashian Victim of Domestic Violence

New light has been shed on the breakdown of Kim Kardashian's little known first marriage. The reality television star was married to music producer Damon Thomas from 2000 until their breakup in 2003. In court papers just unearthed, Kardashian claims she was the victim of domestic violence. Kardashian says, “Damon first hit me a few months after we were married.” She also describes other incidents, such as receiving a busted lip and being punched in the face. Kardashian also claims that Thomas gave her thousands of dollars and ordered her to get liposuction. Kardashian says she was “afraid” to call the police during the relationship.  In 2004 the couple was granted a divorce and Thomas was ordered to pay Kim $56,000. [Pop Eater]

Britney Forced to Wear Bra When Leaving the House

Britney Spears’ father has banned the pop star from leaving her house without wearing a bra. The 28-year-old is currently under the conservatorship of her father Jamie. Her father is said to be highly embarrassed over recent paparazzi photographs showing a nipply Britney and is worried that Britney is succumbing to her former crazy ways. A source told British newspaper The Sun, “Jamie's control over Britney's life is incredible. He hates the pictures of her with her nipples all over the place so he has banned her from leaving the house without a bra.” Brit’s dad is taking the matter so seriously that he has threatened to fire any of Britney’s security guards who let the singer be photographed bra-less. [The Sun]

The Last Airbender and Green Hornet Go 3D

The makers of The Last Airbender and Green Hornet are converting their films to into 3-D.  The two films were never intended to be 3-D productions, but the studios are frantically trying to stick the 3-D tag on the end of their titles to hopefully get a few more butts in the theatre. Variety confirmed that M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender would be going 3-D. The studio behind The Green Hornet, which is also moving its release date to January 14th, 2011, also announced that it would be going 3-D as well. Avatar is taking over the world! [Independent]

Cute Girl Puts Head in An Alligator's Mouth

If you're anything like most dudes, you probably like cool, badass animals like alligators. And we bet you also like cute girls. And maybe you even like people who risk life and limb to do cool stunts. So how would you like to see a video that combines all three?  Yeah, that's what we thought. [DoubleViking]

Mickey Rourke to Play Genghis Khan? 

Photo:Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Mickey Rourke told the Orlando Sentinel recently that he is going to play Genghis Khan in an upcoming biopic. For those that don’t know, Genghis Khan was a Mongolian emperor whose invasions of neighboring lands earned him much of Central Asia and China. The project is to be written and directed by John Milius. “I read his script and you know, the man is known for his tough writing,” Rourke told the Orlando Sentinel. “He wrote Conan and Dirty Harry and Apocalypse Now, and it’ll be interesting to see how he works behind the camera.” [Orlando Sentinel]

Japan Says It Will Be Able to Read Minds by 2020

Our grandparents did warn us that laziness would get us in trouble. The Japanese government and private sector are, according to the Nikkei, all set to begin work on a collaborative new project to develop thought-controlled  gadgets, devices and, of course, robots! The aim is to produce brain-to-computer interfaces that would allow the ability to change channels or pump out texts just with your almighty brain power, while also facilitating artificial intelligence that would be capable of detecting when you're hungry, cold, or in need of assistance. [Yahoo!]

YouTube Adds Movie and TV Show Rentals

After tinkering with movie rentals in January, YouTube's added a bunch of movies and TV episodes you actually want to see. We're not just talking art-house Sundance Film Festival flicks—now, you can get a bit of anime too. There's still nothing particularly mainstream on the YouTube store, with indie films, Bollywood stuff and documentaries mostly on offer, viewable for 48 hours after renting. They cost between 99 cents and $4, with payments made via Google Check-Out. [YouTube]


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