The Drinking Age at Phillies Games Appears to be Three Years Old

June 7, 2010

Philadelphia sports fans have a certain charm that prison inmates and Jerry Springer guests often applaud. Fan taserings, weaponized vomit, and a slew of borderline criminal activities that make going to local sporting events fun for the whole family halfway house. Hell, the Phillies even adopted a "get your child drunk in the stands" promotion to help separate themselves from franchises that remain slaves to oppressive "21 and over" drinking laws.

This young man - who appears to be about three-years-old - took the edge off at a Phillies game with a bottle of domestic beer.

Is it weird to call him a prodigy? Wise beyong his years, perhaps?

(Disclaimer: The Phiadelphia Phillies do not, in fact, actually promote childhood alcoholism.)

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