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Best BroBlog Ever, Bro

by Robbie E   November 28, 2012 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 3,676

What's up, bro? I am back this week with another bro blog. And what I'm gonna talk about are the 5 things that make Big Rob and Bigger Rob bros. Not just anyone can be a bro, bro. And if you want to be a bro, you can't just wish. You gotta take care of business, and do all of this stuff.

5 - Grooming - To be a proper bro, one must be properly groomed. Which consists of trimmed nose hairs, ears regularly cleaned, and so on. And if I have to tell you to use a ton of product in your hair and keep your tan perfect, you should probably just stop reading now, because you'll never be a bro.

4 - Walk - If ya wanna be a real bro, ya gotta walk like a bro. Watch me walk and you'll know what I mean, bro.

3 - Accessories - Bro, style is everything. You gotta have awesome style, and more importantly, you gotta make sure everyone knows you got awesome style. Shoes, necklaces, watches, bracelets, shades, etc. All must be regularly updated and ya must have every color, bro. You think bros don't wear pink? You're just not bro enough to make it look as good as me and Bigger Rob, bro.

2 - Servants - Gotta have an in house masseusse, someone to give ya pedicures and manicures, personal chiropractor, eyebrow threader, maid service to get my pillows fluffed and tuck me in tight, bro. Non negotiable.

1 - Bro - The way ya say "bro", bro. Everything must end in "bro"! And you must use emphasis when you say "bro", bro.

Until next week... OH!!! You ain't on the list, bro. And check out my NEW website robbie-e.com

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