Steven Soderbergh Makes a Film on the Sly

January 5, 2010

Director Steven Soderbergh is fast becoming one of the most prolific filmmakers alive, partially because he doesn't rely on the studios to make his films. Sometimes he makes films with huge, A-list actors, and sometimes he gathers the cast of a play he just directed in Australia and makes a movie without anyone knowing.

At this point no one knows what the name of the movie is, what it's about, or even how long it is. All we know is that he recently directed a play in Sydney, Australia titled Tot Mom, and that his new movie stars the same cast as his play:

One of the cast members of the Sydney Theatre Company production, Rhys Muldoon, has confirmed that the Hollywood director worked on a ''pretty much improvised film."

He has been asked not to reveal any details, but it is believed the film has no relation to Tot Mom, Soderbergh's documentary-style play about the media focus on the disappearance of a Florida toddler that also stars Essie Davis.

The film, despite the fact that no one has yet seen it, is being compared to his other low-fi films, such as Bubble and The Girlfriend Experience. It sounds like it was probably shot on digital with little-to-no money.

The great thing about Soderbergh is that he's constantly surprising us. His ability not to rely on the studios to get a movie made make him possibly the most versatile, big-name director working right now. Sometimes he hits a home run and sometimes he strikes out, but it's nice that there's at least one big director in Hollywood who doesn't have a predictable career.

Now if only he'd release a trailer to this unnamed movie. How much longer can he keep the lid on this thing now?

Source: John Shearer/Getty Images