Spend Father's Day With The Auction Hunters

June 16, 2011
This Sunday is Father's Day. If you haven't remembered to send your Dad a card, have no fear. The Team at Auction Hunters has taken it upon themselves to pick out some of Ton and Allen's best finds from the first two seasons.You might get inspired and find a great gift to more than make up for your lack of timeliness with a $3.00 piece of paper. Enjoy the ideas and don't forget to credit us! All episodes of Auction Hunters return this July!


Ton and Allen found this beast in "The Real Thing." It look like a fixer upper but rest assure she is a lot more than that.


This Malibu Blue baby knows how to sing thanks to the episode "Strat'd For Cash" from Season One.


These choice racers found their way into Ton and Allen's hearts thanks to Season Two's "Everything's Bigger In Texas."


Thanks to Season Two's second episode "Quadzilla Attacks!" this animal lives.


"Ton's Got A Gun" brought this handsome piece into Ton and Allen's lives.

Auction Hunters is in the middle of its short summer break. Have no fear, all new episodes will return to Spike later this July! As always keep an eye on the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates. After all, we may have a few surprises in store for you.