Mantenna - Thursday, February 4

February 3, 2010

Pamela Anderson shakes her money maker, Taylor Swift doesn't need skills to pay the bills, and The Fast and the Furious keeps on truckin'...there can only be one Mantenna!

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Pamela Anderson Set to Jiggle and Jive on TV

Pamela Anderson is set to shake her money maker on national television. The former Playboy cover girl is the latest celebrity to join Dancing with the Stars. According to Radar Online, “Pam and the show have agreed to all terms for a deal and the deal is done.” Anderson is said to be “thrilled” to be on the show. Could this be the career boost she so desperately needs? [Radar]

The Fast and the Furious Isn’t Slowing Down

Just when you thought you’d never see another Fast and Furious movie, you were dead wrong. ‘Cause there’s yet another on the way. Justin Lin will be directing Vin Diesel (who’s thanking the movie Gods that he got into this franchise, seeing as it’s the only thing between the unemployment line and community college acting classes for him) and Paul The-Douchebagginess-Just-Don’t-Quit Walker. Good times. How many ways can you drive a car fast and say stupid one-liners? The answer is: a lot. You can do that a lot of different ways. [First Showing]

Liquid Glass Will Make Your Clothes Permanently Clean

Say hello to this generation's Velcro: liquid glass from a spray bottle, able to safely coat everything from clothing to plants to keep them safe from dirt, heat, infection and UV radiation. It's all ready to go and it looks to be shipping to the U.K. soon. We guess we'll have to wait and see where it's first put into good use, but we'd love a bottle for the jeans we never wash. Not that it would save us time washing them, but at least we'd feel less gross about wearing them every day. [Boing Boing]

Over 100,000 People Ready to be Bored at All-Star Game

With NBA ALL-Star Weekend fast approaching, reports out of Dallas claim that a record number of people will be on hand to watch a sporting event that lacks defense, excitement, effort, or any interesting story angles (unless of course "Who won’t fake an injury to avoid playing?" counts). Held in the new “Jerry Jones Dome,” the affair is expected to host more people than the average Dallas Cowboys game and set a record for most disappointed fans under one roof. [ESPN]

Brittany Murphy’s Cause of Death Revealed


Source: Brian To/Contributor/Getty Images

The L.A. County coroner’s office has announced the official cause of death of actress Brittany Murphy, saying she “died of pneumonia complicated by an iron deficiency, anemia, and multiple drug intoxication.” The actress died December 20th last year in her home in the Hollywood Hills after going into cardiac arrest. Murphy appeared in films such as Clueless, Girl Interrupted and 8 Mile. [LA Times]

Sony Pushes Gran Turismo 5 Back to "Autumn"

Guess what? Punxsutawney Phil‎ saw his shadow and Sony announced another delay for Gran Turismo 5 in the same week. Oh, the irony. In an interview with Spanish site Canarias Al Dia, CEO of Sony Entertainment Portugal James Armstrong reportedly revealed another disappointing delay for the highly anticipating driving simulation game. Armstrong allegedly said Sony is aiming to have GT5 on store shelves before Christmas, and that the "priority is to make this game with the best quality as possible." Hold the Duke Nukem Forever jokes, they're already getting old. [GT Planet]

This Means McG

McG has thankfully found his next film, so everyone can just sigh a big old sigh of relief. This Means War, a strange combination of action and romantic comedy, is about two guys who are best friends forever but fall in love with the same woman. Somehow this winds up demolishing New York City. Because we really need to see that in another movie (New York City getting destroyed, that is). Luckily this will at least delay the next Terminator movie, assuming his Terminator restraining order is revoked. [SlashFilm]

Completely Impartial and Possibly Tone-Deaf Record Label Defends Taylor Swift

Some people say bubblegum pop disguised as country music just ain't what it used to be. Others, however, disagree, noting that things like "musical talent" and "singing ability" are totally overrated. Just ask Taylor Swift's label Big Machine Records who recently defended the tweeny-pop princess' off-key Grammy performance by saying “Maybe she’s not the best technical singer, but she’s probably the best emotional singer because everybody else who gets up there and is technically perfect, people don’t seem to want more of it.” He’s right! People are tired of talent, they want a change. America needs to finally see an attractive blonde girl with limited ability rise to the top of the charts. [Rolling Stone]

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