Mantenna - Thursday, February 19

February 19, 2009 schools us on how to be a gentleman, an actor from The Wrestler gets arrested on drug distribution charges, and the 10 hottest D-Cup female's the Mantenna!

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How To Be a Gentleman

When it comes to dating, manners are important. If you get caught picking your nose on a date, it's a near certainty that you'll never hear from that girl again.  Manners are the glue that holds society and relationships together. Luckily for you, has put together a cheat sheet of 20 potentially awkward social situations and how to deal with them. [Asylum]

The 10 Hottest D-Cup Female Celebrities

The D in D-Cup obviously stands for delicious, delectable, or divine because a D-Cup pair of breasts is the best. Don’t believe me? Check out Manofest’s delightful list of the 10 hottest D-Cup female celebrities. You won’t be disappointed! [Manofest]

Duke Lacrosse Team Still Partying Hard

Two years ago, the Duke lacrosse team got in a whole basketful of trouble because they were (allegedly) raping girls and generally partying in a no-longer-fun-but-scary type of way.  The allegations defamed a lot of the players and was generally just a huge (figurative) clusterf**k.  The players, though, have boldly continued in their well-worn track of fighting for their right to party.  Uncoached has a disturbing (in the shadow of the rape accusations) gallery of a bunch of Duke lacrosse players getting trashed and walking right up to the edge of Bad Decision Canyon. [Uncoached]

The 101 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Cleavage Shots

The internet detectives over at Scandalist have peeled back the layers of celebrity blogs, peeled their eyes, and compiled a list of the 101 greatest pictures of celebrity cleavage.  This has been a long time coming.  And after tackling things like the Human Genome Project, and shutting down Guantanamo Bay’s torture camps, we’ve finally climbed the ziggurat of cultural success to its shining, oiled, boobtastic pinnacle.  It feels good to be on top, doesn’t it? [Scandalist]

The Great San Francisco Pillow Fight of 2009

Last weekend, on Valentine’s Day, the great San Franciscan Pillow Fight of 2009 was the feathery outlet for a whole city's worth of sexless singles.  However, if our experience with pillow fighting is any indication, the sexless part probably ended in a giggling tangle of flesh not too long after the pillow fight began.  It also probably happened in a sorority house.  Head to Uncoached for a picture gallery and a little video of this merry mischief. [Uncoached]

Five Heroes Who did Nothing and Saved the Day

You don’t have to be a go-getter to save the world, defeat a league of Nazis, or thwart the Dark Lord Voldemort.  In fact, doing nothing is exactly what is needed when it comes to saving the day sometimes.  CollegeHumor has an illuminating list of some of the biggest heroes in our cinematic history who carved themselves into the stone of mythology by just sitting back and saying, “Meh, let’s just wait this one out awhile.” [CollegeHumor]

Google Gives Android Phones Guitar Hero


Source: Activision

You’ve been able to rock people’s faces off with some cell phones for some time using Guitar Hero applications.  However, the increasingly popular Google Android mobile operating system is soon going to be on the list of rock-compatible operating systems. It’ll roll out with 15 tracks initially, and should be on the Android Market for purchase soon. [Gizmodo]

Actor from The Wrestler Takes His Role a Bit Too Far

The actor who played the steroids dealer in The Wrestler, Scott Siegel, apparently took his role in the film way, way too far. Sometimes going method isn’t really the best way to approach your acting – especially when the film has long since wrapped. Siegel was arrested after he was hit with a laundry list of charges: distributing steroids, assaulting a federal agent, and engaging in a high-speed chase with the police. When this guy breaks the law he really gets into the part of “criminal.” He was also arrested in 1999 for distributing all kinds of goodies: steroids, ecstasy, animal tranquilizers, and unhelpful acting tips (just kidding). The DEA have been keeping tabs on Siegel for a long while, and it looks like they’ll be able to keep doing so in a much more controlled viewing environment: jail. [/Film]

Tupac Shakur Biopic at Center Of Legal Battle

A legal war has broken out between production company Morgan Creek and the estate of Tupac Shakur. Morgan Creek has sued Amaru Entertainment alleging that the company has backed out of an agreement to sell the slain rapper's life rights for a film adaptation. Late Wednesday, Amaru's lawyers denied the existence of a deal: "There is no agreement with Morgan Creek, there never was, and there never will be." Amaru attorney Skip Miller said negotiations for a biopic on Pac were underway at several studios and that Morgan Creek attempted to sabotage those talks with threats of litigation. "They have scared away Paramount, Fox and others, and we are going to sue them and recover millions (in damages)." [Billboard]

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