Faster, Stronger, Better Bugatti Veyron on the Way

September 16, 2008

According to rumor, to celebrate that last run of the limited-production Veyron, Bugatti has a special edition verison in the works, simply dubbed the "GT."

And it will be gnarly.

An unofficial memo states that the car will do 0-62mph in a face-melting 2.4 seconds, come back to a stop in 2.2 seconds, and reach a top speed of 264mph.

It will achieve these impressive numbers utilizing another impressive number: 1350 horsepower.

That's like, friggin' insane.

The memo states that this version should for launch at the next Geneva Motor Show in March of next year, and that current-gen Veyron owners will be able to upgrade theirs to "GT" status.

[Source: Motor Authority]