Super Mario Is Apparently Swedish, Jumps Over Lamborghinis

October 12, 2011

Every kid has experienced this disappointment: they play the Mario games, then run outside, get the most momentum they can, leap and...go a few feet in the air, instead of sailing up onto a floating block or something. In truth, few of us can soar through the air with just our feet.

One of them is apparently Swedish. He amuses himself by jumping over cars.

No, really. Here's the proof:

We'll settle any arguments you might have: yes, that is a Lamborghini, going 50 mph. Yes, that is an actual, unassisted jump: the leaper in question goes by "Al the Jumper" and he's got plenty of videos on YouTube, including several of him screwing up.

And, currently, we are unaware if they make a clanging sound when he jumps, but since they have to be made out of brass, we wouldn't be surprised.

Source: YouTube/koff3koff3koff3