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Allen And Ton Go Bowling With Guns

by AaronAhmadi   May 06, 2012 at 1:30AM  |  Views: 2,826
Ah yes, Moreno Valley. Ton's old stomping grounds, a desert full of auctions, and money, money, money. Did the Auction Hunters' visit to the warm city net them fistfuls of cash? Let's find out:



Ton did say that the locals in Moreno Valley were off-road, and boy he wasn't kidding. After a few mean stare downs with the locals, Ton and Allen got their game plan ready. Was there trash talking? Yes. Relentless bidding? You betcha. All in all, however, the Auction Hunters walked away with two solid units for $1,225.


Sold For: $4,000

Allen and Ton's first unit's name was a bit misleading….well, in a good way that is. This "Printing Press Unit" held one of the coolest Auction Hunters finds ever: a pinsetter used in a bowling alley! If that badboy didn't make the Auction Hunters wanna hit up the lanes with some shiny new shoes I don't know what would. They even found some retro bowling balls and pins to boot in the unit. Groovy. Since things were looking up for our heroes, they decided to hit up a local bowling alley to strike up a deal with Mike, the owner. The big machine landed the Auction Hunters a s-t-r-i-k-e in cash: $4,000 to be exact.


Sold For: $3,000

When the boys opened the "Fencing Mask Unit", they couldn't believe their eyes: vintage Blue Ball jars, fencing equipment, and even silver dollars. But did the awesomeness end there? No way. Ton dragged out of the rubble what looked like an old cutlass, and they knew it had to fit on a gun, so that meant a gun case had to be around. A few opened boxes later, Ton finally finds the beautiful, antique, mean-looking rifle. Of course the boys had to visit their ol' buddy Blaze for this find, so that's just what they did. After Ton took aim and fired, Blaze offered $3,000 for the cutlass rifle combo. Oh, and yes, Ton did shoot the bowling pins.

The Auction Hunters finally hit it big time in Moreno Valley. They spent a total of $1,225 on two units, sold the contents inside for $9,130, and scored a whopping $7,905 in profit. On to the next city to conquer, fellas!

Did you know that Allen Haff is quite the bowler? Check out his awesome skills by going to Spike.com for this week's episode "Bowling Pin Payday", now available online. Remember as always to peep the Auction Hunters facebook page for news and updates and check out all-new episodes on Wednesdays at 9/8c.