My First Book Review

January 14, 2010

Okay, so this isn't a review so much as it is a recommendation. But I thought "My First Book Review" would be a catchier title so I went with that. I hope my intuition was right because I believe that everyone would benefit from reading Shawn Decker's My Pet Virus [Official, Borders, Amazon, Barnes & Noble]

I discovered Shawn's book a week or so ago over dinner with my good friend Bonnie and her super-cool husband William. Bonnie and I first met before I went off to college. She was studying photography in Boston and a mutual friend of ours named Jimmy suggested we get together while she was in town. I am still grateful to Jimmy for making that introduction as Bonnie not only helped me with the daunting task of transitioning from Charlottesville, VA to Boston, MA; she also helped me to get a'tris off the ground by bringing her friends out to our first shows and shooting the photograph for the front cover of our debut album, appeal [iTunes, Amazon]

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