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The Top 10 Dirtiest Rap Songs of All Time

by dsussman   March 04, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 299,275

5. "Put It In Your Mouth" - Akinyele

No matter what I do, I will always have this image in my head of every white girl on the planet singing this 1996 track at the top of their lungs while their suburban parents scream in horror.

The song owns due to its deceptively smooth piano intro. You totally think that it’s gonna be some whiny chick bitching about her cheatin’ man for the entire song, but when the nasty lyrics of Queens MC Akinyele rip in, the s*** definitely hits the fan.

Dirtiest Lyrics:

I’m c**** ashy as hell, wit chapped d****
For your chapped-a** lips
C******* your teeth like dentists as I’m rubbin’ them
With an erection like injections, f*** it I be druggin them
Numbing up your tonsils, like ambesol anesthetic
C***** down your throat like chloraseptic


4. “Adults Only” - Slick Rick


Source: Sandra Rose/Getty Images

The first time I heard this song I almost puked up my milk and cookies. I’m not really sure about Rick’s fascination with doin’ girls in the booty hole, but he makes his infatuation loud and clear on this 1999 Art of Storytelling track. I ain’t gonna talk s*** on Rick, but this song was released after he spent five years in prison. I’m just sayin’.

Dirtiest Lyrics:

Meanwhile Rick c*****’ by the gallon,
Put your hands on the wall please
And try an keep your balance
Lickin’ the grill in her, meanwhile fillin’ her
Till sperm start pourin out her b******* while I’m still in her


3. "Who's Ya Daddy?" - Necro

I don’t know what Necro was smoking when he recorded this 2005 joint, but I assume angel dust was involved. I say this because he paints images that are so raw and disturbing that you almost need to take a break mid-song to wipe the sweat from your forehead. I felt so guilty for listening to this track that I almost wanted to go to confession. Listen at your own risk. 

All nastiness aside, this man does have some serious flows.

Dirtiest Lyrics:

Explicit, sadistic, innuendos s**** in the windows bimbos dipped in timbos.
Short black leather skirts, stomach tattoo, glitter panties sexy belt had to have you.
Ridiculous p**** l*** I predicted you be addicted to my d*** once you lick it.

And if you don't think these lyrics are raw, check out the whole track.


2. “Gimme That Nut” – Eazy-E


Source: Al Pereira/Getty Images

Eric Wright is just one of those MCs who could put dirty words together like no one else. Eazy is also one the most fun lyrists to rap along with. I remember being in middle school singing along with “Automobile” and thinking it was the greatest thing since boxer briefs.

With “Gimme That Nut,” E paints a picture of gettin’ nasty with a local honey during a beautiful Compton day. Needless to say, it’s dirty, hilarious, and never ever gets old.

Dirtiest Lines:

Now my d**** all hard
And you know what I'm thinkin'
Took the panites off and the p**** was stankin'
Pulled off the drawers and I started to begin
I want you to taste it
Open wide now don't you waste it
Ahh s*** all over your face kid
Spread them legs open far and wide
F*** this s*** just let me put my d*** inside


1. "B***job Betty" - by Too $hort


Source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

There are some tracks on this list that contain some really putrid rhymes, but I have to praise the undisputed king of the dirty rap with the number one spot. The reason why I love Too $hort so much is the fact that his flows are absolutely effortless. People may complain that his raps are too simple, but that’s totally selling the man short. He’s like the AC/DC of hip-hop. He’s been putting out the same record since 1983 and every one is as good as the next. The 1987 landmark “B***Job Betty” and many others were years ahead of their time. It still blows my mind that $hort actually wrote a rap song about killing a chick during a sex session. Biatch!

Dirtiest Lines:

Bust a left nut, right nut in her jaw
Sperm on her cheeks is all ya saw
She could b*** more h*** than a whale blows water
B***job Betty was dumb
A fiend for a f*** and a mouth full of c**
But then I shot that fatal nut
Must of knocked that b**** on her butt


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