The Top 10 MCs White People Love

January 20, 2009

Your average white guy probably isn’t listening to hardcore rappers spitting rhymes about crime and death because they honestly can’t relate to the experiences. Caucasian hip hop listeners have usually flocked to artists off the beaten path who spit flows about professional wrestlers, comic book heroes and chop socky cinema. On the other hand, white people have also been known to congregate around artists/scenes in hip hop that they wish they could be a part of, even when they know it’s an unrealistic idea.

By Dustin Sussman

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10. Eminem


I might as well get it out of the way now because this one really goes without saying.

The second he stepped on the mainstream scene in 1999, the raps of Eminem easily made a huge connection with whiteboys from all over the Midwestern United States. I can’t deny that he got respect from almost every single authority in the hip hop/rap game, but I don’t really think too many brothas from Harlem we’re lending an open mind to his white trash trailer park fables.



The funniest thing about MURS is the fact that he knows most of his diehard hip hop fans are whiteboys and he doesn’t seem to care that much. He just needs to get it off his chest over a sick 9th Wonder production.

When Nick Carter started dropping classics like The End of the Beginning and Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition off of the Definitive Jux label, he saw most of his followers grow into a horde of weed-smoking white dudes. A lot of this has to do with the fact that MURS’s rhyme style and raw lyrical content doesn’t mix that well with the mainstream scene.

 In the track “And This Is For...,” MURS complains about how more and more white dudes keep showing up at his live shows while also dissing stereotypical aspects of black culture. In the end, he comes to the conclusion that good music is good music. I think white fans flock to this type of material because it’s freethinking and helps the genre continue to evolve.

Either way, white dudes love the guy and will continue to be front row at his shows. I know I will.

8. MF Doom


What dorky white dude wouldn’t love a lyrically insane MC wearing a metal mask rapping about world domination and his favorite food groups?
After listening to Daniel Dumile getting’ busy on the mic for many years now I have come to the conclusion that he’s kinda of a big dork. I say this because he raps about really zany and brainy stuff. It’s like he’s speaking in code sometimes. I think he might also be the only MC in the history of hip hop to dedicate an entire album to food consumption. This is probably the main reason why so many geeky white fans think he’s the cat’s meow.

What white person wouldn’t love this type of sh*t?

This yard bird taste like fried toad turd
Love Villain, take pride in code words
Crooked eye, mold nerd geek with a cold heart
Probably still be speakin in rhymes as an old fart
Study how to eat to die by the pizza guy
No he's not too fly to skeet... in a skeezer eye
And squeeze her thigh, maybe give her curves a feel
The same way she feel it when he flow with nerves of steel

Written by Daniel Dumile and Otis Jackson, Jr, Lyrics by Daniel Dumile
© Rhymesayers Entertainment

7. Kool Keith


The greatest thing about the Dr. Octagonecologyst LP is that it took all of the expected norms of G-Rap and threw it out of the f***ing window. This has to be a big reason why wacky white kids from all over instantly feel in love with the Bronx MC. It also doesn’t hurt that Keith raps about being half-shark, half-man and other weird psychedelic s**t. Keith might also be the only MC ever to represent for plain club soda.

The other reason why white music listeners get so passionate about the Black Elvis is probably because he doesn’t necessarily get the respect he deserves in the world of mainstream hip hop/rap. I’m guessing some would argue that Dr. Octagonecologyst is one of the most underrated hip hop records ever released. When it first dropped in 1996, The Source only gave 3.5 Mics out of 5. In my option, that is a f***ing joke and I assume some other diehard Keith fans would say the same thing.

I myself Mr. Gerbik. Half-shark, half-man, skin like alligator!

6. OutKast


Even before “Ms. Jackson” and “Hey Yah” took over the pop world, white people loved them some OutKast from day one. With classic records like ATLiens and Aquemini, the dynamic duo seemed to be one the first real alternative hip hop groups on the scene. The fact that they had a mock comic book as their album cover for ATLiens was definitely grounds for dorky white dudes to lose their s**t.  I don’t think I have ever met a white hip hop fan that hasn’t owned at least one classic OutKast LP in their lifetime.

5. Public Enemy


When the peeps over at Pitchfork decided to have Public Enemy perform It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold us Back in its entirety at their music festival last year, it dawned on me how much Caucasians really love Chuck D, Flavor Flav and Terminator X.

Over the last two decades the legendary group’s white fanbase has continued to grow by leaps and bounds because of their connection to so many different genres of music. With elements of free jazz, hard funk and even heavy metal, it’s not hard to see why their followers are so broad. I personally started to listen to Public Enemy because I loved Slayer and I had heard Rick Rubin executively produced PE’s first record with the Bomb Squad. This made me curious to listen and I’ve been hooked ever since.

4. Mos Def


This list would not be complete without Mr. Def.

Let me just say first that Black on Both Sides is hands down one of the greatest hip hop records ever made. The only problem is that is might have been too dorky for its own good. With tracks about numeral systems and world H2O shortages, it’s no wonder white dudes took to Mos like a duck to water.

The self-titled Black Star album definitely helped ignite the love affair between white fans and Mos. The man was a breath of fresh air in hip hop during the late-‘90s. He pretty much hit every musically mark on the map with Black on Both Sides LP. It had street songs, smooth soul tunes and even a punk track. This eclectic taste defiantly played a big part in getting a wider whiteboy audience.

3. The Wu-Tang Clan


When The Wu first dropped 36 Chambers in late '93, they were hailed by their peers as one of the most original and raw groups of the time. But after many years of listening to their music and going to their live shows, I have to say that most of their fans are now millions of whiteboys wearing Liquid Swords t-shirts and smoking fat Optimo blunts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen these dudes rockin’ a giant Wu sticker on the back of their Mitsubishi Eclipse while bumpin’ some random jam off of Wu-Tang Forever. I also knew I was really right about this when the ultra-white Quentin Tarantino got some help from RZA for his Kill Bill soundtrack and MCs like GZA started performing at hipster happenings like the Pitchfork Music Festival.

2. The Roots


"They’re so good live!" You know white people love The Roots when Jimmy Fallon decided to make them his house band when he takes over the Late Night Show from Conan O'Brien in 2009.

The Root’s 1995 LP Do You Want More?!!!??! was pretty much ignored by the hip hop scene, but was embraced by alternative fans, due in big part to the group's appearance at Lollapalooza that same year. When they dropped the classic Things Fall Apart LP in 1999, they saw their fanbase grow in even larger amounts due to their participation in jam band festivals like Bonnaroo and Vegoose. Their jazzy, eclectic approach to hip hop is a white person’s wet dream.

1. Beastie Boys


Duh. This might be the easiest #1 pick I have ever had to make. I don’t really think I need to explain in great detail why white people love these New York City MCs so much. We all know that Mike D, Ad-Rock and MCA have put out some off the most diverse hip hop records ever made. There isn’t a white guy alive that doesn’t love the Beastie Boys. It also doesn’t hurt that they started off as a punk band.

While we’re here, I wanted to get a little something off my chest. It drives me absolutely insane that the Beasties are left off of every Top 10 hip hop list you can think of. First off, Paul’s Boutique if one of the greatest hip hop records ever made and the fellas themselves are most definitely one of the dopest groups in the history of the genre. The fact that they are ignored because of their alternate take on hip hop/rap music is just plain f**ing asinine. Fools need to wake up.

Honorable Mention: Cypress Hill, Jurassic 5, Insane Clown Posse (Are They Really MCs Though?), Hieroglyphics, Common, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, The Fugees, Slug and 2Pac


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