Elderly Man Earns Oatmeal Money by Playing in NHL

March 2, 2010

At 48 years old, most people would rather spend their time testing massage chairs at Sharper Image and telling Denny’s waitresses how cheap movie tickets used to be. For one man, playing professional hockey sounded a bit more appealing.

After spending the 2009 campaign playing for their minor league affiliate, veteran defenseman Chris Chelios has been signed by the Atlanta Thrashers, and will play in his 25th NHL season if the club decides to use him in game situations.

For those of you keeping score at home, Chelios started playing professional hockey before Sidney Crosby was born.

It’s unclear whether or not Chelios will actually suit up for the team, but Thrashers general manager (yes, apparently they have one) notes that "as we enter this March drive towards to the playoffs, you can never have enough depth at defenseman, especially with the experience Cheli brings to the table.”

Even though he may be slow, out of practice and able, to recall watching the Kennedy assassination on “the talking box” in his parent’s living room, Chelios does bring a lot to the table. He is experienced, gritty, and able to buy beer for the younger players on the team – three things that make him an important grandfather figure in the locker room.

Photo: Dave Reginek/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images